25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography

Posted on May 31, 2009 by UNITED PHOTO PRESS

Lightning photography is both one of the most tricky and one of the most frustrating types of photography. You get only one chance for the particular situation - it is not like portrait photography where you can go back in the studio if the photos didn’t come out well.
Photographing lightning at night is relatively easy provided you have access to remote areas away from town/city lights.
The results can be exciting but they are also partly based upon luck.
Here are 25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography by Digital Picture Zone.

lightning photography1
photo by nmjeeptours

lightning photography5
photo by craig

lightning photography11
photo by Lukebeales

photo by Jonathan

lightning photography6
photo by rialynn

lightning photography16
photo by EI Brujo-antes

lightning photography7
photo by nmjeeptour

lightning photography2
photo by lanramrod

lightning photography18
photo by iceman9294

lightning photography19
photo by mvejerslev

lightning photography20
photo by drstomp

lightning photography21
photo by dock of the bay

lightning photography22
photo by joe holme

lightning photography23
photo by Ajka_Hungary

lightning photography3
photo by marcin wisnio

lightning photography4
photo by Gustavomaia

lightning photography24
photo by Father_Mckenzie

lightning photography9
photo by Scott Butner

lightning photography10
photo by Philip Schexnayder

lightning photography12
photo by Yorrick

lightning photography13
photo by Kevin_Nickel

lightning photography14
photo by talk2nicu

lightning photography15
photo by Its a country thang

lightning photography17
photo by Garry

lightning photography25
photo by truan

Lightning photos give us an experience of energy that is transfomative in nature. The lightning bolt is a field of combustible possibilites available in the human psyche. When someone is struck by lightning an instant molecular change takes place. If grounded the the person being struck will often have paranomal experiences, such as seeing future events, being in touch with multi-demensional phenomena and a connecting with nature and all sentient beings. In indigious cultures this was the sign of a healer, who lived to bring forth a boon to the community.