Scenary of Memory

Posted on July 31, 2009 by UNITED PHOTO PRESS

The series of photographs "Scenary of Memory" refers to the act of seeing and remembering. Speak what spectator remembers the "postcards" of big cities and places visited. These "postcards" are recontruídos by overlapping several photographs, sometimes fifty or sixty images, looking for a way and a new rhythm. The result is a new setting, away from the real mysteriously, part memory, part imagination. The decoding of the images is a game that follows this is a narrative space that never existed. Roberto Schmitt-Prym was born in Panambi, and its the representant from UNITED PHOTO PRESS in state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. He made his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Art of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre in 1990. Since then has more than twenty solo exhibitions in museums and institutions of Brazil and collective exhibitions and a dozen awards in various countries.