Cruel slaughter of the pilot-whales in the Faroe Islands, in Denmark

Posted on October 10, 2009 by UNITED PHOTO PRESS

Faroe Islands Foreign Affairs Department
Fish and Marine Matters Department
We vehemently condemn the cruel slaughter of the pilot-whales in the Faroe Islands, in Denmark. It´s shameless that mankind still perpetrates such atrocities.
Betrayal and murder cannot be good examples to anyone and specially
to children, who are still building their values, while facing brutal scenes as if they were normal. On the opposite, such abuses should be forbidden and repressed in order to not develop a generation of cruel and ruthless human beings.
The knowledge of such barbarities has been provoking commotion and horror all over the world, no matter if the victims are dolphins or whales or if the purpose is a ritual or hunting. We join this clamor for the ending of the violence and brutality, setting humanitarian examples.
Fortunately, the number of sensible people is growing each day; people that changed their omnivorous habits in the benefit of their healthy, ethics and environmental preservation, refusing to feed of dead body animals.
We suggest everyone that opposed this hunting that boycott the tourism in Denmark in general, and specifically in the Faroe Islands, as long as such practice is not extinguished.