“Inspiration without Limits” by Laelanie Nieves

Posted on May 04, 2012 by UNITED PHOTO PRESS MAGAZINE

Laelanie Larach Nieves
Laelanie Larach Nieves, born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. A self-taught painter and also in the field of photography. Her artistic talent is awoke from her childhood at 15 years old began the first painting in oil titled "Mysterious Forrest.

"As the years passed she was changing her style, then decided to implement her two passions by combining photography with abstract painting and surreal, each work has a different concept using predominantly bright colors, textures and other techniques. Inspiration is based on different reasons.

One of them are open spaces a sea breeze in a deep silence that carries different levels of consciousness on a unreal limit plasmated on a canvas everything for the love of art.

Laelanie Larach Statement 
Preserving a moment on Canvas 
"What I'm trying to achieve with these pictures is an effect I call 'half paintings/ half photographs. I wanted to develop a style that would combine both photography and painting in a single artwork."