United Photo Press open call | #uppartforall free art festival online

UNITED PHOTO PRESS want to set an example in times of the Covid-19 crisis and general curfew and promote the creativity of those UPP members & guests who sit at home and do not know what to do with new photos themselves.

We call on artists to send us a work dealing with the new phenomenon of social distancing. We are currently facing involuntary quarantine and isolation. From one day to the next, you can no longer live as you have always been used to.

What do I see from my window?
What do I see when I go out for basic needs? (pharmacy,supermaket,etc.)

What am I painting in my quarantine?
What artist activities am I developing in the quarantine?
What does it do to humans?
What happens to the public space without the usual dynamic?
How does this dynamic shift into private, at home?
How does it change interpersonal relationships when social distancing becomes everyday life?
Do we all currently live in long distance relationships?
Is the journey currently going inwards?
And what comes after this general isolation phase?

We call all UPP artists members and guests to send us *artworks that deals with these questions. All positive contributions will be presented for free on our online magazine platform and facebook  made accessible to everyone all over the world  complying with regulations of  Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market in EU.

Artists participating in the #uppartforall free art festival online can benefit from a large existing network and publishing.

We are aware that the movement of social distancing art is still in its infancy. At the same time we see your social distancing artworks as documentation, of the present „unimagined' time. Without a doubt, the website alongside its contributions will last for weeks, months and years and gain relevance as a historical statement. 

Vernissage friday 1 may 2020 (12:00/gmt) on our special page on facebook:

#uppartforall is supported by The Opinion Makers by UPP & FIART - represented by is president Yamal Din.

*all artworks (max. 4 photos per artist, min. resolution 1280x720 / 1MB)  must be sent till 31 of May 2020 with name of the author, link of website or social network, email and contact to UPP email: info@unitedphotopress.net
When you send the photos by email to the  #uppartforall free online art festival, you automatically authorize the digital publication of them by the United Photo Press.