UNITED PHOTO PRESS live at Brest Atlantiques 2019

Start scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th at 11:00am

The start of the Brest Atlantiques race, which was postponed on Thursday due to stormy weather conditions in the Bay of Biscay, is now set to start on Tuesday at 11:00am.

Since the announcement on Thursday of the delayed departure, the organisers have been monitoring the weather developments closely in order to determine the first window of opportunity for the four Ultim 32/23 Class trimarans to set off on the 14,000 mile course.

That first opportunity will be on Tuesday, as Jacques Caraës, the race director, explains: "The conditions for Tuesday will be suitable for the race start, with an average wind speed of 25-30 knots in a north-north-westerly direction. This will allow a swift descent from the Bay of Biscay in around 10-12 hours, but with sea conditions that remain uncertain. With the weather conditions naturally evolving all the time, particularly at this time of year, we will continue to monitor it closely. We will have a clearer idea of the conditions in the next 48 hours."

Now that the weather conditions have been confirmed suitable during this window, the race organisers, with the go-ahead from the maritime authorities, have set the departure time for 11:00am. The 2.5-mile line will be between the western buoy of Ile de Sein, passing it on its port side, and the race committee boat Le Rhône, passing it on its starboard side.

"As soon as the delay to the start was confirmed, it was important for us to take advantage of the first possible window of opportunity," explains Emmanuel Bachellerie, Director of Brest Ultim Sailing, the organizing authority of the Brest Atlantiques. “The maritime authorities have been extremely helpful in listening and understanding, and we are extremely grateful for their continued support. However, together with the race HQ, we continue to closely study the different weather forecasts which in November can change very quickly.”

François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest and President of the Brest metropole: "I have full confidence in the skippers and the organisers in terms of ensuring a safe departure. The weather conditions, along with the approval from the maritime authorities to start the race on Tuesday, means that we can get Brest Atlantiques underway as soon as possible. Let's hope the conditions turn out to be what we expect - I'm really looking forward to it! ”.


A 14,000-mile Atlantic loop, or a tour around half the globe, Brest Atlantiques will be the first large-scale head-to-head between the four major players in the Ultim 32/23 Class fleet. Actual Leader, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, Trimaran MACIF and Sodebo Ultim 3 will take their starting positions on Sunday 3rd November in Brest, as they set off on a course never before undertaken. Accompanied only by a media man to record this epic race from on board, each pair of skippers will battle it out to be the first to return to the Finistère capital.


ster·e·o·type /ˈsterēəˌtīp/ noun plural noun: stereotypes

ster·e·o·type /ˈsterēəˌtīp/ noun plural noun: stereotypes
1.a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.


Vários propriet. 

plural noun: stereotypes

1.a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Humans, at their very biological core, create and use the concept of stereotypes to process and identify. Psychologists argue that the concept has advantages enabling us to respond rapidly to situations because we may have had a similar experience before.

I am of the camp that stereotypes, as propagated, broadcasted, and campaigned on by the President of the United States, are divisive, deadly, and disastrous to our democracy. 

This project was born out of frustration with our President who routinely attacks cultures, races, sexes, and occupations without recourse. 

Maybe Trump’s words do not fully illustrate the damaging nature of the stereotypes being tossed frivolously around by the leader of the free world. Maybe stereotypes when visualized, will have more of an impact to create discussions around how we should choose leaders that move us forward as a society rather than one that divides us and rewinds our social progress. For example, most will recall when Trump called Mexicans rapists, claiming they all come here illegally carrying drugs and guns. Here it is in his own words from the BBC. It's one thing to hear it and read it, but does it change your mind and inspire you to vote for better when you see it? I hope so. 

My power as a communicator is in creating images that tell stories. My responsibility as a father and citizen of the United States is to try to make the world I leave for my children better than the one I enjoyed. I created a project that I hope will inspire people to see the dangers and power of stereotypes. Obviously, I can hear the arguments that these images do more harm than good and that they perpetuate the very stereotypes portrayed. As I look at them, I contemplate even publishing them. I am torn. Do I need to provide fuel for the fire knowing some people might steal these images and use them to inspire hate? On the other hand, they contain a powerful message; they are powerful pieces of art that should be contemplated.

As an artist, I wanted to portray the world as Trump sees it. Let's illustrate this with an article from the Washington Post about Trump's bigotry towards Muslims - Trump, by his actions, words, and hate, sees all Muslims as terrorists. Does he picture them the way I, as an artist, interpreted this hate? Maybe, but one could argue that the power of my image expresses his bigotry towards thereligious group. 

Does Trump see all priests as child molesters? I can’t tell, but I can recall his stance or rather lack of, which to me in this most horrific abuse was allowed to go unchallenged. Because of its political sensitivity, I believe this situation requires a reminder. Would it not be a better world if the president took a stance that protected children and admonished the Church's lack of action? Elected officials both democrats and republicans fail to call out powerful groups for fear of losing valuable votes. No politicians have held the Catholic Church accountable, maybe the visualization of such abuse will cause people to think differently.

Some of the stereotypes portrayed in this collection are my artistic interpretation of how Trump might see the world without having his own words to align. For example, I imagine his approach to gender stereotypes aligns with the historical and liberal implication that all girls are princesses, and all boys are little athletes. Does Trump feel women should be barefoot and pregnant? I don’t know, but I can interpret from his long history of sexism, that this stereotype might very well apply. 

Now let's talk police brutality. Have we forgotten how our fearless leader feels? Here are his own words as a reminder. Have we forgotten this or we just ignoring it? Many have not. This image is so extremely powerful. For me, this is my interpretation of how horrific Trump's own words affected me and how it should also affect you. There is so much hate and sensitivity in this subject matter, and rather than address it with compassion, our leader chooses to insight more violence and uses brutality as a tactic. Does Trump see the murdering of innocent African American youth as a sport? I don’t know, but again, as an artist, I am expressing how I think he feels and my disgust towards it. 

One must also ask the question of whether Trump's broad strokes of stereotyping has reopened the door to make it a common practice in politics. Has he inspired Asian candidate Andrew Yang to use the stereotype on himself as being “good at math,” as a communication tool to be more relatable? Certainly, one could argue Trump has made it easier and more acceptable for stereotypes to be used on the campaign trail.

Maybe we all have forgotten when Trump mocked Indians using a stereotypical impression of a call center tech support worker. No occupation, culture or class seems to be respected. The examples from his own mouth are endless, and yet so frequent we have not only become desensitised, but have we as a society entered a new era where stereotypes are acceptable? 

And of course, some could also see Trump himself as a political stereotype. Has he created a divide in political perception that republican politicians are all money-hungry, corrupt, and self-indulgent? Or comically, is he responsible for perpetuating the myth of the Trophy Wife? 

Art should provoke, inspire, enlighten, and challenge. This project was difficult to undertake but essential to produce. My hope is that it encourages you to think, read, and, most of all, vote for change. 

Special thanks to many creative collaborators on this project that saw the vision and power of the images and volunteered their time to help our team create an important body of work. Creatively I was inspired by Irving Penn’s use of the corner set to create a fixed world point of view for each stereotype. I was also inspired by seeing Eugenio Recuenco’s 365° project where he used a window in a set as a source of light. I chose to make this window long and narrow like a jail cell to imply that stereotypes themselves incarcerate.

Retouching by Jana Heidenreich
CGI Post by Mike Campau
Props: Brittany Brenner @britttbren and Liz Ream @lizreamstylist
Wardrobe: Loren Robles @there.he.roams
Hair and Make Up: Natalie Bohlin @nataliebohlin and Breanne McNally @breannemcnally and Marybeth Bagonghasa @muah_artist
Set Design: Art Haynes @therealarthaynes

The European Disabled Golf Association has been announced as the Official Charity of the Portugal Masters

EDGA golfers with European Tour members at the 2018 Portugal Masters (Getty Images)
The European Disabled Golf Association has been announced as the Official Charity of the Portugal Masters, which takes place at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course from October 24-27.

EDGA changes the lives of people with disability through the power of golf. Made up of volunteers from the National Golf Federations from 29 countries around the world, its objective is to help more than half a million people living with a disability try the sport of golf.

All charitable funds raised by EDGA at the Portugal Masters from tournament draw sheet sales, a longest drive competition sponsored by Golfbreaks, taking place during Wednesday’s Pro-Am, and a raffle, with some fantastic prizes to be won, will help fund the delivery of training, education and programmes in the country.

The European Tour announced earlier this year its ‘Golfers with Disability’ programme, running, in conjunction with EDGA, two 36-hole tournaments for Golfers with Disability alongside two of this season’s biggest Rolex Series events.

The first, the EDGA Scottish Open, won by Irishman Brendan Lawlor, took place alongside the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open, while the second, the EDGA Dubai Finale, will take place on the Friday and Saturday of the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai at Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Tony Bennett, EDGA President and Head of Disability and Inclusion for the International Golf Federation, said: "EDGA is proud to be the official charity of the Portugal Masters. Both locally and internationally the support of the European Tour during the last four Portugal Masters continues to transform the lives of people. 

“EDGA has a deep connection to Portugal. Over the last six years, ten tournaments, and diverse development programmes in rehabilitation centres, schools and associations have been delivered in Portugal. Funds raised at the Portugal Masters have allowed EDGA to donate equipment, literature and provide training to professionals and coaches throughout the country. EDGA is finalising the translation of the book – Mulligan: Tough Love and Second Chances into Portuguese. 

“The backdrop of the Portugal Masters, together with clinics that will operate on the Saturday of the tournament are powerful testaments to the ability of players with impairments and showcase the positive impact of the game."

Peter Adams, Championship Director of the Portugal Masters, said: “We are proud to partner with EDGA once again as Official Charity of the Portugal Masters. Tony and the team at EDGA have done a wonderful job of raising awareness of disability golf in the country over the last six years, and we are delighted to welcome them back to Dom Pedro Victoria later this month.”

The European Tour and EDGA have worked together for more than ten years, but the relationship with the Portugal Masters only started in 2016. Initially a phone call from the Associação Turismo do Algarve was the catalyst for this as EDGA was invited to be the nominated charitable organisation. Over the last four years the relationship between the European Tour, the Portugal Masters and EDGA has flourished.

Tony Bennett added: “It is a natural fit for these three entities to work together, golf is the magnet that brings them together, and helping people with disability to enjoy the proven benefits of the game is a shared vision.”

Tickets for the Portugal Masters are available from €8 for juniors (ages 12-17), €17 for concessions and €20 for adults. Season tickets are available for €24 for juniors, €50 for concessions and €60 for adults. To purchase tickets, click here.

For more information about EDGA, please visit www.edgagolf.com.

Portugal Masters 2019 Vilamoura – 24-27 October

One of the most popular tournaments on the European golf tour returns to the Algarve for the 13th straight year. The Portugal Masters, with prize money of €1.5 million euros is the largest tournament held in Portugal. The oceanside resort of Vilamoura once again plays host to this prestigious event, taking place 24-27 October at the Dom Pedro Victoria Course.

With an area of about 90 hectares, the Victoria course is a par 72 championship course designed by American Arnold Palmer, a legend in the history of professional golf.

Defending champion (and two-time winner at the Portugal Master) Tom Lewis is back to take on a robust field of competitors. First to sign-on to challenge Lewis is Oliver Fisher, who carded the first 59 in European Tour history.

Portugal Masters
Dom Pedro Victoria Course


Online Tickets:
■ Pro Am Day – Wednesday, 23 September – €12.00
■ Adult Ticket, Any One Day – €20.00
■ Adult Tournament Ticket – €60.00
■ Adult Day Senior (60 years and older) – €17.00 

*Tickets bought at the door increase in price.

55 paintings by Congo the chimpanzee to be exhibited and sold in London gallery

From 1956–1959, surrealist artist and zoologist Desmond Morris worked with Congo the chimpanzee to observe and record his interest in “creating art for art’s sake”. Congo made around 400 artworks during the period, and now 91-year-old Morris has decided to sell all but one of the paintings in his possession at a show at The Mayor Gallery in London.

Morris worked with a number of apes in his research but explains that none matched Congo’s apparent artistic instinct. “No other apes were controlling the mark making and varying the patterns as he was,” Morris says. “I originally picked Congo out as one of the more boisterous at the zoo and felt that his strong personality would respond well to to focused periods of working together.”

This work involved Morris offering his a pencil and card to draw on, which he did, and then paint and pastels, observing his inclination to draw circles and repeat motifs, such as a fan pattern. He also showed an ability to create basic compositions, showing understanding of symmetry and aesthetic balance. Morris saw this research as evidence of primates’ urge to make and play with visual patterns, especially shown by Congo’s enjoyment of the sessions.

A selection of paintings by Congo were exhibited at the ICA and picked up by renowned collectors including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

Congo died in 1964, but Morris has since continued research into the subject, publishing The Artistic Ape in 2013, tracing “the evolution of human artistic endeavour over three million years”. His second book, The Naked Ape (1967), was translated into 29 languages and listed among the 100 best-selling books of all time.

Meanwhile in 2005, auction house Bonhams sold three of Congo’s paintings for £14,400. This new show will feature 55 of Congo’s paintings. Morris commented on his decision to sell all but one of his favourite paintings from the time, saying “I am holding onto the serious, scientific research notes that I made during my years working with Congo, but, at 91 years old, I now would rather that the paintings and drawings be made available to other collectors, to whom I hope they will bring as much pleasure as they have to me.”

Works on sale will range from £1,500 – £6,000. There will also be a limited edition catalogue on sale, showcasing Congo’s entire output, each signed by Morris.

Congo the chimpanzee: the birth of art is on show at The Mayor Gallery, London from 3 – 19 December 2019.

4K Ultra HD Camera: 7 Quick Step-by-Step Answers

What is 4k camera?

If you have been buying a camera just recently,youwill possibly have seen the term '4K video clip'. 4K aspect camera which shoots 4k videos is far more thorough than anything you are likely to have seen before. 4K is significantly much more detailed, since it has twice as numerous pixels horizontally, two times vertically that is 4 times as numerous pixels in overall. This provides 4 times the resolution of HD camera. 

That is 4 times even more information. There are two sorts of 4K: DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) using 4096 x 2160 pixels with an aspect ratio of 17:9, which is exactly what movie theater projectors use, as well as UHD, utilizing 3840 x 2160 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is exactly what manyTVs utilize. A camera efficient in shooting high-definition, 1080p video is superb, but a 4k camera capable of recording four times the information is extraordinary. 

There are some factors why 4K has drawn plainly in advance of 1080P regarding high image quality. 4K gives us a lot a lot more control in post-production over your pictures.Resizing, cropping, stabilization, and smaller grain (less noise) all benefit from increased resolution. A 4K camera gets video that is much clearer and also sharper compared to the 1080p camera. It is crisp, and it also looks great when checked out on a huge TV. 4K is rapidly coming to be the industry standard for capturing video, with a raising variety of attribute films, tv programs, or even amateur video clips being shot in the format. As 4K Ultra HD TVs are becoming cheaper and as the 4k content is increasing with time, it'scertain that it will certainly come to be the brand-new criterion, both in broadcasting and online.

4k camera vs 1080p camera

The most evident benefit of the the4K camera is the resolution. With an HD frame being around 2 megapixels and also a 4K UHD framework being 8 megapixels. The detail is startling. 4K is likewise called Ultra Hd (UHD), while 1080P is simply Full Hd. As their names suggest, 4K UHD has a significantly greater resolution than 1080P HD video clip. 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, whilst 1080P consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

These brand-new modern technologies enable users to record the sharpest video clip footage yet as well as edit without worry of losing high quality, people at big are constantly searching for better, sharper or even more detailed picture quality. 4K is obtaining grip out there with cameras that are, reasonably talking, cheap compared to the performance they provide. A camera efficient in shooting high-definition, 1080p video is superb, but a camera with the ability of capturing4 times the detail is extraordinary. A 4K camera obtains video clip that is much clearer and sharper compared to the 1080p camera. Couple of various other benefits of 4k camera over 1080p are as follows

Resolving Detail :

Ultra High Definition TVs using 4K innovation have the ability to reproduce the most intricate of details in a significantly higher comparison fashion compared to 1080p.
Scaling down:

4k downscaled to 1080p with a decent bitrate looks extra "dense" and detailed than 1080p originally. Shrinking down 4k video footage to 1080p is a night and day difference detail as well as quality. Down-sampling can also help minimize noise as well as grain making the video footage appear to be cleaner too.
Stabilizing Video footage in Post:

If your 1080p video is already soft, cropping in an additional 20% will certainly make it pointless. Capturing in 4k will certainly offer you enough pixels to have fun with so that effects like video stabilizing will have no noticeable effect on your finished video clip.
Cropping Video footage In Post:

You have listened to digital photographers say for the last One Decade: "I like having, even more, megapixels because it provides me more cropping choices." An advantage of 4K: you can zoom & crop a 4K broad shot to give you a close-up without loss of high quality. Wonderful for industrial manufacturing even if you are still outputting 1080p. Chances are, you have never considered cropping your video clip footage because it had not been an option. When you have experienced the flexibility of recomposing a shot after you have shot it, you will never wants to go back.
Perfect Pans as well as Zooms:

If you shoot 4k, tiny pans and zooms have never been much easier. Including these activities to your video in post will really look much better compared to anything you could do in the field and since 4k offers you numerous added pixels to work with, your completed product will certainly look remarkable. For much of your videos you end up setting 2cameras in nearly the same placement, one capturing wide as well as the other shooting tight. One 4k camera might quickly replace this 2camera arrangement.

4k video Is Good Enough To Draw Still Frames:

Not only is most 4k video great enough to change requirement still pictures on the internet, 4k still frames are really good sufficient to print. In 1 second of 4K video, you get 30 photos.
Closer Viewing:

Thanks to the huge increase in resolution that 4K has compared to 1080P, it enables the visitor to be positioned a lot closer to a big screen while enjoying its supreme clearness. In other words, you could rest twice as near to a 4K display compared to a conventional high definition screen without being able to see the pixelation that accompanies the reduced definition selection. This is an excellent advantage for watching or editing and enhancing 4k video clips. There are a couple of drawbacks of shooting with a 4k camera. 

The enhanced resolution has a price: the data is four-times larger compared to HD. Your whole pipe needs to be durable to ingest, removal, manipulate, and also shop four-times extra information. An average 4K data tends to be a lot bigger than HD, considering that so much extra data is included. 

The fact is, with the introduction of larger, less costly and faster memory cards, various other storage space devices as well as the consistent release of consumer-priced cameras that could shoot 4K web content, the shooting side of 4K is no more difficult compared to with typical 1080p HD. While there is currently limited capability to outcome 4K as a result of the rate as well as accessibility of 4K TVs, being able to shoot in 4K helps distinguish yourself from others. 

Also, shooting in 4K is a technique of future proofing. Given that 4K will certainly become ever before a lot more conventional over the following couple of years, having 4K video now aids keep you at the front of the contour. If you purchase an HD camera over a 4K camera, it will certainly have a minimal life expectancy. The number of NTSC cameras do you see on the racks today? Few. Within a couple of years, there will certainly not be too many HD cameras around either. Whatever is moving toward 4K and also past. As soon as you recognize precisely just what 4K is, you could start to appreciate its true abilities as well as its evident benefits over 1080p.

What do I need to upgrade to shoot in 4k?

As fantastic as 4K is, the added resolution might suggest that you should update parts of, or possibly all your manufacturing pipeline. This could include sd card, screens, disk drives, computers, and also possibly even lenses. It depends. In the same way, as 4K video clip calls for much room to store physically, it also needs a lot more processing power to manage it when it concerns modifying the video footage. 

Editing 4k video does not just call for an effective computer system; you will also need specific video modifying the software. As always when checking out computer system performance, the important points to think about are CPU rate, the graphics card, how much RAM is installed, and the type as well as the capability of the disk drive. 4K video footage takes up a whole lot, even more, area than full HD - up to four times extra. You will require at the very least a 7200rpm conventional hard drive on a USB 3.0 or faster connection, and also as much storage space as you can manage. 

To stay up to date with all that data, you will need a quick flash memory card, efficient in at the very least 30MB each second write speed (which corresponds to the U3 rating on SD cards). This need to permit recording at high-quality settings up to around 200mbps. You require a quick hard drive or solid-state drive, along with a super-fast Web as well as network link if you prepare to share the video clip that you take with your 4K camera. If you are trying to find a solitary screen workflow, watch out for the 'IPS' classification. IPS panels transcend when it involves color accuracy at various seeing angles. If you already have a color-accurate display, you can choose an added, much more budget-oriented 4K monitor for cutting video footage with each other, as well as proceed to do shade grading on the older monitor.

Do I really need a 4K camera?

Everything depends on exactly what you need it for. If you are professional/ semi-professional professional photographer or a videographer, then most certainly you must consider upgrading to 4k. On the other hand, if you are amateur or need a camera for laid-back use, then 1080p is good enough. Professional/Semi-professional In the situation of professional shooting, shooting 4K video is a preferable option, not only for the clarity and color which is an evident gain, the actual value is in the data it records and the flexibility it gives you in your production operations. 

4K frameworks can generate a terrific bargain of adaptability in a timeline, such an online zooming as well as panning to obtain the best "shots" from a bigger field. Rather compared to picking your shot at the time of capture, you could record a much larger scene with 4K and also after that choose the tighter "shot" in a message within a timeline, probably also several timelines from a solitary 4K resource. If you have an editor that could refine 4K after that, you have the high-end of doing message production zoom and scene cropping without loosing image top quality. Also if you are creating 1080p material, utilizing 4k cameras would certainly still be a far better option, 4k downscaled to 1080p with a suitable bitrate looks much more "dense" and also thorough than 1080p originally. 4K is a massive benefit. 

An additional benefit of shooting 4k videos is that it gives you the ability to extract an 8MP image from your video. That suffices for a wonderful sized print or even an ad in a publication. Think about it as a method of shooting 24, 25 or 30 photos (8MP) per second and also you might start to understand the allure. Whether it is a child's short smile after blowing out their birthday celebration candle lights or a match-winning objective being racked up, this shooting rate could assist make certain you record the best moment. In 1 second of 4K video footage, you obtain 30 pictures. Fast-moving race cars and trucks are tough based on frame correctly, though, with numerous pictures to choose from, you are more probable to obtain a keeper. 

The 4k video has four times the overall resolution of HD. All those extra pixels can likewise come in handy for supporting your video. If you are functioning from 4K, you have a substantial amount of additional pixels to play with. 4K will certainly be the following large point in the globe of the video clip. The only legitimate debate is spending plan, which will transform over the coming months as the the4k camera continues to drop in cost. That means that there truly is no reason not to shoot 4K content to ensure you have the greatest high quality possible, also if you just have an HD output alternative. 

Casual function/ Family holidays To cut to the chase, if you desire a camera for the casual purpose, it is better you stick with the good old 1080p cameras. It does not make any sense to spend extra money on 4k if an HD camera could do an excellent work for you. The question you should also ask yourself is what do you get from a 4k resolution that you do not already obtain with 1080p. There are reasons 4K can make good sense. Whether it is a child’s brief smile after blowing out their birthday candles or a match-winning goal being scored, this shooting speed can make sure you capture the best moment. 

The quality of the picture would certainly be much better, sharper, comprehensive and also more realistic compared to HD. If you are shooting motion picture landscapes, you could wish to think about the greater resolution to make the most of the detail retention. Likewise, shooting in 4K does provide for latitude in post-production. 4K most certainly is the future, and you are certainly going to have 4k technology in your home sooner or later on, so the only concern is when? 4k cameras can assist you to produce contents which would assist you in re-visiting your past in best means possible. If 4K is an alternative get it.

Is 4k camera worth it?

4K has 4 times resolution of HD, which gives sharper, comprehensive and much more reasonable picture. It s not all just about pixel count, greater frame rates.Generally 60fps, are suggested and also much better picture deepness also. So while 2K and HD production remain the mainstream, making use of 4K is certainly growing. I do not think 4K UHD is an additional elegant pattern or advertising and marketing trick to earn us spend our tough gained dollars on something that will certainly become obsolete before the year s end. 

I genuinely see 4K UHD as a natural change, or evolutionary action, in display resolution. There are several benefits of shooting in higher resolution also if your final result is going to remain in a reduced resolution. Sharpness Scaling down an image lessens the absence of emphasis assumption and also visually looks somewhat sharper compared to the initial size. A greater resolution data might save you in such situation. For video clip running out emphasis is not that poor as for a still image. 

Sharpness is something you desire. Scaling down the video is just like scaling down a still photo. Lots of focus and intensity imperfections may be covered. Situations of somewhat out of focus scenes could be "fixed" conveniently by scaling down a greater resolution video. Cropping. As videos are sets of still pictures, the same technological operations relate to them also. If you wish to re-crop your image a greater resolution camera may be helpful. You could do that on a 2K camera too, although it will lead to a much less than a 2K framework. Saving Time Shooting Cut-ins. Higher resolution videos could be utilized not just for dealing with in-camera make-up. It can be made use of to save time recording a scene several times for medium or close-up shots. With huge image measurements, the video editors could get hold of a portion of the frame and produce even more cut-ins. Bigger video frameworks can be beneficial for integrating components of them in visual results. To supply premium quality video footage in 2K, they shoot these in 4K. 

The major advantage of shooting in 4k is in post production as seen in the above situations, 4K gives us a lot more control in post-production over our photos. Resizing, cropping, stabilizing, as well as smaller grain (much less noise) all gain from increased resolution. Article production centers will certainly have to satisfy the needs of the higher resolution blog post and develop their systems as well as creative tools to meet the increasing trend of 4K production for both function film as well as broadcast tv. 4K tv, as well as a 4k monitor, now supports 4K video at 60 fps, 

High Effectiveness Video Coding (HEVC), as well as 10-bit shade depth. Individuals at large are looking for premium choices in innovation, 4k, a lot of certainly is one of them. You should understand your top priorities when shooting video. Content is always king. It is the photo and also sound. The resolution is something you could utilize to your advantage. It will not make or break the end product, yet It could obviously enhance it if you did the tale, visuals, and also audio well.

Can I afford 4k camera?

Gone are those days, when you had to make a lifestyle change to save money to buy a good camera. It is a myth that 4k cameras are expensive. They are pricey compared to 1080p, but the cost is plummeting at such an astonishing rate that if you are thinking of buying a new camera, you cannot refrain yourself from buying a 4k resolution. 

Apart from the picture clarity, the post production is also a huge advantage for 4k content, and all that comes at the similar price of the 1080p cameras. Except for DSLRs, to upgrade to 4k, you need to give it a serious thought. 4k DSLRs are much expensive than 1080p DSLRs, unlike the trivial difference between 4k action cameras, camcorders and even mirrorless cameras with their 1080p counterparts. If you are buying a 4k action camera or camcorder, you can have them for less than $1000; some are even cheaper than $500. 4k Mirrorless cameras come in the range of $800 and $2500. However, for a good DSLR, you have to stretch your budget to $6000. It all depends on your needs after all a camera is just a tool. You do not always need a great camera to shoot amazing pictures, what matters is, who is behind the camera. However, again, it is always worth spending on good cameras. 4K no doubt is the future, it is always better to start off creating 4k contents as early as possible

Which are the best 4k cameras on market today?

After researching various articles, going through numerous review sites, reading many blogs and considering experts opinion with trust worthy content, we have tried our best to compile a list of best 4k cameras available on the market. Few of the models are released in previous years but are consistently doing better than the new releases. We have not biased the research on just the new models, which some people prefer, but we have tried to filter out the best that is available on the market as of today. 

We have also included few new promising models, which are not yet that common, but according to many experts test reviews, they are surely better than the competitors and will be in demand in short time. The most important factor in compiling this list was ‘value for money.' We have tried, not to include expensive items in the list unless and until they are worth it. If you find any overpriced item in the list, be assured that you will get what you are paying for. 

Well, we are not claiming it to be just our opinion, we are just trying to present the collective conviction of all the experts and their years of experience, not from one but numerous websites, articles, blogs and all other sources of information available. If you like, you can spend time doing the research yourself and come to the same conclusion as we did in the below list.

We're halfway through 2019 and we've already welcomed a handful of excellent 4K-capable cameras, from Canon and Fujifilm through to Panasonic and Sony. 

With Panasonic and Canon having started new systems from scratch in recent months, these may well end up reshaping the market as a whole in years to come. But right now, our pick of the 4K crop is centred around cameras from more established lines that have proven themselves in the hands on professionals.

1. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

2. Panasonic Lumix GH5S
3. Panasonic Lumix GH5
4. Sony Alpha A7S II
5. Sony Alpha A6500
6. Nikon D850
7. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
8. Fujifilm X-T3
9. Nikon Z6
10. Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV