International Exhibition "Prevention and Road Safety"

With the support of the Government of Viseu, Mayor of Viseu and Fnac, a United Photo Press and Civilization Active will be organised entitled "Prevention and Road Safety".

The exhibition, which counts, at the inauguration, with the participation of various entities and stakeholders in the sector, aims to raise public awareness on the issue of prevention and road safety at national level.

In addition to the presence of some government representatives and the intervention of the main entities in the sector, the event will feature an exhibition of 30 photographs belonging to photographers from United Photo Press all over the world.

This event portrays different characteristics of photographic art, shows new attitudes, and also features contrasting cities like St. Paulo, Maputo, Johannesburg, New York, Lisbon, Sydney, Luanda, Mexico City, Santiago and Buenos Aires, among others.

The inauguration of the exhibition will also count on the presence of representatives of the assembly of auto and motor racing entities.

The exhibition, opening on 12 November 2009, at 18 hours at FNAC headquarters, Viseu (Centro Comercial Ice), will be open until 5 December 2009.