David Kroodsma: The HuffPost Hopenhagen Ambassador Announced

The Huffington Post along with Hopenhagen.org is thrilled to announce our pick for the Hopenhagen Ambassador: scientist, environmental educator, and worldwide bike traveler David Kroodsma. David has won a week-long trip to Copenhagen where he'll be meeting with everyone from Al Gore to the Mayor of Copenhagen, doing interviews, writing blog posts and and making videos which will appear on HuffPost Green, and representing the people of Hopenhagen -- those worldwide who are hopeful for a climate agreement -- at events and to the press.
David's passion for the environment has been demonstrated by his 21,000 mile bike trip from California through South America meeting people from all walks of life and giving climate presentations to schools and groups along the way. A climate scientist by training, David has demonstrated his ability translate science-talk into layperson-speak and has shown a strong commitment to connecting with people worldwide. Based in San Francisco, David has worked with 350.org and is working on book about his bike trip, tentatively titled, The Road to Tierra del Fuego.
David's reaction to being selected:
"The contest had many talented contestants, and I wish we could all go to Copenhagen. I'm honored and humbled to have been chosen to be the Hopenhagen Ambassador.

There are 6.8 billion people on the planet who need us to come to a meaningful agreement in Copenhagen--6.8 billion people who hope for a clean and prosperous future. As Hopenhagen ambassador and citizen journalist, I will do my best to make sure that our leaders act on our hope.
I believe that people are inherently generous, cooperative, and creative. Climate change is a problem that we created, but it is also a problem that we can solve."

Watch his winning video:

The judges were overwhelmed by the strong candidates and amazing videos that were sent in from all over the world, along with the fantastic social networking that candidates used to drum up support. HuffPost would like to give a special thanks to Hopenhagen.org, Ogilvy, and Freya Williams for their tireless efforts in making the contest a success.
Stay tuned and check back for more dispatches from David!