Lebanon receives photographic exhibition on the Amazon in Brazil

Jacques Menassa
Lebanon Jacques Menassa, photographer and political scientist, sets out in Lebanon, a collection of photographs on the Amazon. The show is being held from November 25, the showroom of the Central Library of the University Saint Esprit. The exhibition opening was attended by the Ambassador of Brazil in Lebanon, Paulo Roberto Tarrise of Fontana and the ambassadors of Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, among other authorities, artists and guests.

According to Jacques Menassa, the invitation to show part of its collection of photographs came from the Amazon Center for Studies and Latin American Cultures (CECAL) of the University Saint Esprit Kaslik of (USEK). For the exhibition, entitled "Amazonia, Color, and Beauty", were selected 30 photographs.

For the Brazilian Ambassador Paulo Fontoura, the photographer did a wonderful job. "He had the sensitivity needed to capture the truest reflection of the soul Eoo Amazon, the forest people and big cities," he said.

Jacques Menassa said the exhibition is also a way to honor the Amazon. "Our dear Amazon and its wonderful people, where I have friends and family. Land that I cherish the memories that will never be forgotten," he said.

Jacques Menassa is Lebanese. Degree in Political Science and Administration. He studied at the University Saint-Esprit, "Lebanon.

From December 1993 to June1997, held at the Arts Center Fireplace in Manaus, six sections of the course of photographic art. It also organized 16 exhibitions featuring the work of students and Amazonian four solo exhibitions, and has helped promote two photographic competitions: Manaus my jealousy (1996) and A look at Amazon (1997), with support from the Amazon Network for Radio and Television.

In Lebanon since 1999, Jacques Menassa organized five exhibitions of visual arts, various individual exhibitions and the publication of five portfolios. His photographs on the Amazon and the Lebanese immigration were published in various newspapers and magazines around the world, showing the beauty of Brazil and Lebanon.