The photographer of United Photo Press, Paulo Sézio is developing a photography project "Solidarity Photography"

Lamark Martins Cardoso, 9 years.
Member from Photo Solidarity Project
The photographer of United Photo Press,  Paulo Sézio de Carvalho is developing a photography project "Solidarity Photography" focused on youth in supportive countries in Latin America and Africa.

The goal is to give these young people, learning conditions and improvement in photographic techniques as a means of social communication and professional ability. At the same time seeks to encourage the registration and documentation of activities of ONGs and train multipliers in the communities where they live.

Taking into account the situation of many ONGs and communities in the digital inclusion, a system was developed for classroom teaching, with expansion of knowledge via the Internet. It was thought the idea of ​​a virtual community where teens, their direct responsibility, monitors the ONGs involved and photographers could meet and share knowledge.

In partnership with United Photo Press the project mainly involves the making of adolescents in three dimensions: social, cultural and environmental and so they have to be linked to some non-governmental organization can track their development.

Within the social dimension, the project aims to educate those involved in the issue of social gaze, and a clear understanding of the dynamic aspects in the community and make an active participant in its history.

In the cultural dimension, develop a sense of the records and later visual documentation of events, projects, folklore, school and civic activities, with semiotic elements, artistic vision and critical sense of the everyday culture.In the environmental document the regional flora and fauna and its relationship to the environment, seeking registration, cataloging, presentation of biodiversity. Also document the negative elements of reckless action on the environment and to bring out some realities or perceived lack of interest on the part of society.

The bill uses the method of semi-face teaching with theoretical and practical material and digital media online. The classes rely on voluntary action photographers previously trained for the role and residing near the locations served.

Currently the project serves eight teenagers and has the support of eight photographers. Frederick Alexander is one of Candlemas and talks enthusiastically of the project: "It's a way to share with society what we have and doing it just for teenagers who are in the discovery phase of their social functions, even better. If you know these possibilities we can believe in a better future. "

The ONGs and associations, as well as photographers need to register in www.dravos.com  site or contact by email contato@dravos.com

Are analyzed one by one item especially social inclusion. It is essential that the NGO is able to weave the proposed activities with adolescents and their accompanying family context, and encourage the development of actions among local and out of it in exchanges with other NGOs and professionals.

Sao Paulo, August 23, 2011
Paulo Sézio de Carvalho