World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial for 10th Anniversary

Barack Obama reading the names at memorial
World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial for 10th Anniversary. A decade after 9/11 the vision of what will be at Ground Zero in Manhattan is becoming a reality. And while the Twin Towers in fact never be replaced. Ten years after the attacks against the World Trade Center, after much controversy and struggles, the reconstruction of the towers is finally underway with significant structure, National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the opening of the 10th anniversary, 9/11 or September 11 Refer as Patriot Day.

To commemorate the event, a ceremony of special dedication to the families of nearly 3,000 people died on the spot is scheduled for the 11.09.2011. Opening to the public the next day.

The long-awaited monument consists of two cascades which pools huge cascade engulfed in the footprints of the twin towers. The names of the victims are engraved in granite slabs around pools. Design “Reflecting Absence” by Michael Arad won the competition for the monument the 5200 participants from 63 countries.”

The entry Pavilion designed by Snøhetta, a Norwegian architectural firm who designed the library of Alexandria in Egypt. Two forks of origin of the Twin Towers steel are included in the atrium of the large glass Pavilion.

The plan creates a sequence of experiments that define the historical account of the attack on the Twin Towers and the recovery. It is an area for contemplation and a suite for the families of the victims. The Museum is designed by Aedas Design Architecture.

A ramp for “tape” led to archaeological exhibitions in the heart of the World Trade Center. Echos of the ramp used by workers of the construction in cleaning and incorporates the rest. Views give an idea of the scale of the original towers and the site. The oral tradition of the survivors are also included.

The final experience up to the level of the rock, taking visitors to the staircase of survivor, used by hundreds of escape from the 9/11. Bases of origin of the columns, footings of concrete and retaining walls are exposed for viewing, and the “last column” covered with tributes are on display.

10Th anniversary celebrations are planned at the national level to the United States, including the Pentagon, which also was attacked the 9/11. Related TV coverage has already started to air on large networks with a special program planned for Sunday, September 11, as well as print media publications World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial Ready For Public Unveiling.

US currency will issue two million silver medals to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of the 11 sales aid the functioning of the monument and Museum.