Two Portuguese distinguished in the international photography of gardens

Henrique Souto - Quince
Two Portuguese photographers were honored at the International Garden Photographer of the Year, the main international competition of photography of gardens: Henrique Souto won a first place and Fabio Claudino was entitled to an honorable mention with a photo captured at Parque de Monserrate (Sintra). 

Among more than 16,000 participants from around the world, 5. ° International Garden Photographer Of The Year (IGPOTY) distinguished photographers Henrique Souto ("Quince", 1st place in category Bontiful Earth) and Fabio Claudino (Photo autumnal park Monserrate in Feel, "Morning in the Garden", Honorable Mention in the category Beautiful Gardens). Coincidences: the image captured by Fabio Claudino was achieved during a photography workshop in the park itself, directed by Henrique Souto and inserted in the parallel activities of the exhibition of the winners of IGPOTY the previous year. 

The photo depicts the ladder Claudino granite that marks the beginning of the Valley of the Ferns. "The author likes to shoot in backlight, and took particular interest in the arrangement of elements, and photographed from ground level to achieve the desired composition," summed up in a statement.

On the other hand, Henrique Souto, already awarded in 2008 IGPOTY was honored with a photo captured in the studio.The author "wanted to portray the harshness of the fruit, using two flash units on opposite sides, to highlight its color." "By portraying fruit (or leaves) in isolation, and in the studio," says Souto, "focus attention what, by their cheapness, often goes unnoticed in ".

The overall winner of the competition was the Polish Magdalena Wasiczek (also 1. Place in the categories Wildlife Havens and The Beauty of Plants), with the photograph entitled "Upside Down", in which flower and butterfly are depicted in a moment seem to be a unique, made of petals and wings. 

However, entries are now open for 6. Th International Garden Photographer of the Year, the world's premier competition and exhibition of photography specializing in gardens, plants, flowers and botany, open to professional and amateur photographers. The Kew Gardens (Surrey, about 16km from London) receive the inaugural exhibition of the winning entries - until April 9, the show, with nearly one hundred pictures, then enter tour of some countries and in summer, reaches Portugal, which can be admired at the Palace of Monserrate.