World Yoga Day

BEJA ARE RECEIVE ON SUNDAY - JUNE 24TH ONE MORE GRAND CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD YOGA DAY - JUNE 21ST - SOLSTICE (always celebrated on the following Sunday when not coincident). Every year,  from all over Portugal and the World, get together to participate in a MEGA YOGA CLASS designed for those who want to celebrate a DAY FOR THE PLANET, WORLD FRATERNITY, LIFE AND HUMANITY , AND THE BLURRING OF GLOBAL INEQUALITIES. 

This is a World Wide Celebration and a candidate at United Nations and UNESCO to FIRST GLOBAL DAY, celebrated since 2001, of Portuguese initiative.

This initiative in Beja City see the performances of the ADVANCED TRADITIONAL YOGA DEMONSTRATION GROUP – PASHUPATI, theCHOIR AND ORCHESTRA - OMKÁRA, both of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation, as well as public interventions of the GRAND INTERNATIONAL MASTERS AND YOGA SCHOOLS.

This year besides Portugal we will have the representatives from ndia, Russia, United States, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Norway, Nepal and Dubai.

As always on the Day before - Saturday June 23rd - from 9a.m. at the PAX JULIA MUNICIPAL THEATRE take place the SÁMKHYA AND DARSHANA DAY that will count with the participation of the GRAND YOGA MASTERS OF THE WORLD AND INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL YOGA SCHOOLS, AS WELL AS ASTROPHYSICS AND ASTRONOMERS (with professional telescopes) that will address the theme of the Great Cosmos and our integration into the same, as Human Beings.

This Day was officially proclaimed in 2011 in India - on December 4th and 5th2011 – at the International Summit held at the Art of living Foundation, that brought together 12 Major Lineages of Traditional Yoga of India with the co-organization of the Portuguese Confederation of Yoga.

This is the only initiative in Portugal that gets together for the first time the highest Personalities of Yoga of India and the World, as well as the support and presence of several National and International Personalities, among which we highlight in previous years: Their Holiness Junapeethadheeshvar Acharya Mahámandleshvar Svámin Avdheshánand Giri, Svámin Paramátmánanda Sarasvatí - representing the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha of India, Dr. Nagendra - President of Vivekánanda Yoga University in Bengaluru - India and NASA scientist, Shrí Subodh Tiwari – Administrator of the Keivalyadhama Yoga Institute of India, Dr. Bawa Jain - Secretary General of the Council of the World Religious Leaders, Svámin Yadunandana representing ISKCON – Hare Krishna Movement of India, Svámin Sadyajota – representing Shrí Shrí Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation, the Reverend Master of European Yoga - Madame Eva Ruchpaul – France, Yoga Schools from India, United States, Canada, Egypt, France, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, representatives of Major World Religions; Representatives of Major Political Parties ; Ambassador of India, Dr. Maria Barroso, Architect Siza Vieira; Organizations such as QUERCUS, ACAP, Caritas

This Day is also a precursor candidate to the FIRST GLOBAL DAY –for a Lucid and Fraternal Humanity, for the importance of Life, appreciation of what all have in common, Diversity and Sustainability - at the United Nations and UNESCO on the SOLSTICE - JUNE 21st - one Supra Cultural Day, and a Yoga Portuguese Confederation initiative. This Day is celebrated since 2001.