London's Puddles Reflect the City's Beauty

Gavin Hammond
London is known to be a rainy town, which isn't thought to be an ideal location for uplifting inspiration, but Londoner Gavin Hammond finds captivating beauty in his city's soaked streets. 

Hammond's series entitled London in Puddles depicts a somber yet intriguing view of the damp town, focusing on puddles that reflect its surrounding citizens and architecture.

We've shared the lomography enthusiast's photography in the past, but this new series of images exhibit a heightened sense of uninhibited love for one's city. 

There's something about seeing a town through the blurry ripples of a splash of water on the ground that makes it seem all at once magical, haunting, and beautiful. 

Through the cracks in the streets an image of London's greatest architectural attractions emerge. Hammond's series offers an alternate universe within the dreary puddles that displays the city in its simplest form, without the gloomy weather to mask over its magnificence.