'Baywatch' babe Donna D'Errico injures face on hunt for lost Ark

In what might be the strangest celebrity story to cross our coffee-stained desk this year, former "Baywatch" hottie Donna D’Errico has injured her face while hunting down the remains of Noah's Ark. 

Yup, there she was, just minding her own business, searching for lost biblical artifacts, in rugged terrain on Mount Ararat in Turkey, when she had a "major fall." 

She's now recovering from some fairly major bruising to her lips, cheeks and chin. But brave Donna is insisting she'll stay the course and continue the trek for the next two days before heading Stateside, as scheduled, and she plans to go back next month. Let's all hope for her sake that a) her pretty face heals soon, and b) the Ark is an actual, findable thing.