Fashion Week 2012 Larios Málaga consolidates its second edition

Ten Malaga Couture designers with the finishing touch of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and seven commercial firms and fashion show filled the main street of the capital for the weekend

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Miguel Angel Ruiz, Susana Hidalgo, Rafael Urquízar, Montague, Gemma Mele, Javier Alcantara, Jesus Segado, Angel Palazuelos, Antonia Sonia Peña Galiano and showed their new collections of haute couture on Friday September 14 at the gateway Europe's longest at 300 meters long which paraded over 60 professional models.

The event ended with the presentation of the Golden Pin career Zotano Designer José Pedro, surrounded by his friends and colleagues in a moment full of emotion, and the recognition of the Madrid designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for their contribution to the fashion world through an artistic, cultural and intellectual of extraordinary interest, by the hand of His Excellency Mayor of Málaga D. Francisco de la Torre and Councilwoman-Municipal Executive Board of Central District No. 1, Gemma del Corral.

On Saturday September 15, commercial firms were in charge of filling the catwalk with their latest collections: Gioconda Brides & Parties, Classic Nouveau, Tornay, Olimara, Accessories Dibuf, Momis and Rio de la Plata. This time, Esther Molina, Delegate Area Business and Employment Promotion of the City of Malaga, next to the president of the Association of Malaga Historical Centre, Trinidad Fernández-Baca Casares, presented the award to the firm's oldest historic center Michelangelo Piedrola entrepreneur, owner of the firm Rio de la Plata Dating, by its 85-year history.

Fashion Week 2012 Larios Málaga consolidates each year, with the aim of promoting and publicizing the city of Malaga, its artists, fashion, and place it among the best cities, as far as fashion is concerned. This initiative has been made possible by the City of Malaga Provincial Government Tourist Board of the Costa del Sol, Historic Downtown Association, Association of Guilds, a professional team of management and organization, designers, companies, professional models, the hairdressing team led by Carlos Rufo, Mochi, Fali Hairdressers, Diego Montiel and Damian Fernandez, Arteness makeup team and partner companies Kapyderm Laboratories, Hyundai, Linda Magazine, Hotel Room Mate Larios, Gorki, Tapas Bar, Brigade 10 , Serramar, Fame Academy, Solan de Cabras, John Lucas, and Visuales2000 Emeshel.

Frank Ramos
United Photo Press