UNITED PHOTO PRESS presents international photographic exhibition and book launch "WORLD"

The UPP (United  Photo Press) and Artiset (Association of Artists of Setúbal) present the International photography exhibition "World" in the Arts Space of the House of Culture in Gauteng on 30 November.

The exhibition can be visited until 30 December inclusive. The same space will host, in parallel, a showcase of cameras "vintage", inviting to remember some of the technology in the history of photography.

The opening ceremony, scheduled for 19:00, will be attended by the presidents of Artiset and UPP, respectively Acacio Cainete Freire and Carlos Alves de Sousa, and the occasion will be utilized for the public release of the book also titled "World." The work will be presented by Hugo   Ribeiro, member of the UPP and commentator in the media Eurosport , Daily News and Record.

The international photo exhibition "World" is a collective of various themes favored by 42 photographers from around the world from UPP.

The images shown in the exhibition were selected by the authors in order to convey the impressions direct impact staff photographer with the audience.

The exhibition and the book "WORLD" reflect the authors consider to be necessary to see not just what the receiver wants or wants to see.

For photographers UPP everything matters, nothing goes unnoticed, nor negligible. Their incessant production of images has only the power to escape the consensus of what is said from the images produced by all other non-photographers.

The UPP was elected partner in 2010 by the United Nations for International Year of Biodiversity.