Lance Armstrong books moved to fiction section at Sydney library

Lance Armstrong had to know his admissions of doping last week would cause fallout from people who admired him. 

Apparently even the librarians are angered at his decision to use performance enhancing drugs and have decided to move his nonfiction books to the fiction section. On Saturday the new picture of the sign posted at the Sydney library had everyone chuckling. In less than 24 hours the picture has gone viral and people around the world are weighing in about the decision. 

Reminding the masses that the books Armstrong wrote over the years aren't technically accurate with the new details about his life dished during an interview with OprahWinfrey, it appears the books are now in the fiction area.

The library in Manly, a suburb of Sydney, Australia has a sign for patrons on where the books Lance Armstrong wrote will be movedand it might be a few more steps to walk. Apparently the books are heading to the fiction category. While librarians are usually stern individuals who make everyone be quiet, it appears this move isn't a quiet at all. Frankly, the librarians seem upset with the legendary athlete and want people to know. 

Of course the smiling face on the bottom of the note is just as funny as the librarian’s decision apparently is final and everyone at the institution seems happy about it.

While this small decision at one library isn't going to change anything about the admission by Lance Armstrong, it does show just how angered the public is at the athlete. While Lance Armstrong might be looking at lawsuits from big companies, it appears the public is looking to have nothing to do with the former professional athlete.