Ruben Ramirez and "TAXI LATINO"

Ruben Ramirez and  "TAXI LATINO" / United Photo Press - Argentina
To the surprise of many a Chevrolet 1931, painted in the colors characteristic of a taxi in Buenos Aires, through the streets of our town in its path causing people rush to take your camera.

With the flag of "Free" in the old wind-up clock on "Taxi Latino" slowly passes the Avenida del Libertador, is impossible not to stop and contemplate, and as it steals the smile from those who do not stop express accolades recognizing good status of this piece of history.

The owners stand proudly with the Taxi and have fun while taking pictures all around the vehicle to photograph, they call them "paparazzi".

Ruben Ramirez (Argentina), tells us that he inherited from his grandfather (as he settles behind the wheel on the right side) and then decided to restore it with your partner (Portuguesa), make a historic trip to Ushuaia joining Alaska, an adventure to travel a long history that charge to his credit, including, Ruben tells us, toured Europe in a Citroen 13V and knew every corner of Brazil by motorcycle.

The "Taxi Latino" is since a while now not only the means of locomotion, is also his home as a weapon in the roof of a tent awning makes ingenious way to enjoy a good landscape sitting on the chaise moreover, in the rear, has a field kitchen. Here we leave some pictures of this couple who have completed another stage in Taxi coming to Perito Moreno Glacier.

For those wanting to follow step by step this adventure, or want to know more of this interesting story this couple can contact through social network Facebook entering the "TAXI LATINO".

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