American Photographer exposes photos about Brazil

Julian Colaz lived four years in the interior of Brazil.

While many Brazilians want to leave the interior of Brazil looking for more opportunities in big cities, an American decided to do the opposite. Julian Colaz left New Orleans, state of Louisiana, and toured the interior of northeastern Brazil. Dust and intimidated not kill the American who fell in love with and the Carnival in Bahia Pelourinho. He expressed that love in photos, and has even been awarded.

Now back to the United States, specifically in North Carolina, he prepares his first photo exhibition as having large open interior of Brazil. The exhibition is scheduled to take place between 5:26 day of July in United Arts Council (MJH Gallery) in downtown Raleigh, but still relies on sponsorship.

AUSA - Tell us a little about their origins.

Julian Colaz - I was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. I currently live in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. In the photography world I am known by the nickname Ramyky, I decided to take the sound.

AU - Because you been to Brazil?

JC - I wanted to study Portuguese. A few months after arriving in Brazil I received the Certificate CELPE-Bras, single certificate granted to foreigners who speak Portuguese.

AU - Why study Portuguese in Brazil and not in Portugal?

JC - Brazil is a big country and I have always been passionate about Brazilian music. Before living in Brazil I started learning Portuguese alone, just listening to the music of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and groups like The Tribalistas. Decide to learn Portuguese.

AU - Have you ever liked to photograph, before going to Brazil?

JC - Before embarking on my international travel I have loved photography. When I was a teenager, always traveled on vacation with my grandfather. A camera accompanied us and we took photos of our trips. Also my grandfather introduced me to the photographic work of Gordon Parks, I learned to admire, and Sebastião Salgado. Learned gradually. I have no formal study of photography. I am self-taught.

AU - In Brazil, what places where he lived and where have you traveled?

JC - I traveled in the states of Sergipe, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio and São Paulo. I lived in Salvador and Prado.

AU - What towns or areas to photograph the most beautiful in Brazil?

JC - Must be in places less visited and spoken. From afar, such as The Tribalistas said. On the cities, like the charm of small towns. But not walked in Brazil taking pictures in every small town we traveled. I think that these places should be photographed by people who live in these communities. If an outsider, like me, so the photographer must spend enough time there. I think this is the only way to respect the community and further enhance the work of the photographer.

AU - You said it was a prize winning photo. What was the competition and what the picture?

JC - My photo call in "Pelô Carnival #" 2 won a national competition in Brazil. It was published in Reader's Digest. I took the photo during carnival in Pelourinho.

AU - After four years in Brazil, what is your opinion about the Brazilian people and lifestyle in Brazil?

JC - The Brazilian people are a patient and friendly people who always encouraged me. Through these qualities I became fluent in Portuguese. I liked the style of life in the extreme south of Bahia. It was a quiet and homey and intellectually stimulating. I learned a lot there. Years later I received my college degree, with honors, in Portuguese. This is only the fruit of my life with the Brazilian people. Anyway, it is a people that do not give up.

AU - You said you're looking for sponsorship for their exposure. What kind of sponsorship?

JC - Yes I am looking for sponsorship to complete the production of the exhibition. So it would be a financial sponsorship. My proposal is already prepared. Any person, company or institution concerned may receive one or two pictures signed and / or a limited edition. It would be a good opportunity to publicize the name of your company or institution in downtown Raleigh (North Carolina) during the summer.

Joselina Reis