5+1 Mediterranean Photographers - International Exhibition

A sample of the work of 5 photographers with different point of view but a common influence: Mediterranean light.

From 6 to August 27, 2013 in La Mula Obstinada (46 Queen Chalotte Street, Leith, Edimburgh, UK)

5 Mediterranean Photographers  is a new artistic adventure that comes from a Facebook group, this new means of social integration can bring together people of different ethnicities, creeds and professions in one group and get them to understand and even love.

This event is the result of selection from hundreds of artists in love with photography as a means of communication of feelings and moods.

In each of the proposals is sensed the unmistakable background Mediterranean light and the relentless evolution of a city that has grown, perhaps too, in recent years, and now accuse considerably the effect of the global crisis.

International photographer member from United Photo Press in Malaga with technical and very well connected with the world of music presents a collection of selected works from direct set and modeling. Senior technical audiovisual and Entertainment, specializing in Screenwriting for Film and drama series to be co-authored, among others the short "You Angel You" with which he participated in the Andalusian Film Campus hand Milos Forman, Grace Querejeta and others.
As a guest artist, have the presence of Galician photographer Jaime Varela, who will show us his particular vision of the landscape of his homeland. Jaime Varela Vigo Atlantic note in this group. Self-taught amateur photographer who took his first steps in the analog world until 1985. Photo resumed three years ago, starting to experiment in digital bridge camera. Now is not separated from your DSLR, it goes everywhere, all day. The landscapes, the sea, the light and the contrasts of the Atlantic is the work presented in this his first exhibition.

General coordinator of the proposal, began to grow in the art of painting with light at the age of 9, when his grandfather gave him his old Agfa bellows. Immediately bother to understand the principles of photography and its techniques, first with analog photography and later with digital. Skin and Light is the latest proposal, which explores the possibilities of the naked body against neutral backgrounds and under controlled light conditions.

Photographer to advertising, fashion, product and portrait photography but note the spectacle as their specialty. Companies was producing arts (dance-theater-circus) so thanks to your viewing experience, to attendance at multiple international festivals and above all his admiration for the arts in general, make you feel privileged being able to combine his two passions: the arts and photography. In this exhibition we can see a summary of their work showing images of street arts, dance, circus, visual theater with fireworks, and theater.

Born in Almagro, home theater, and grows surrounded by acclaimed actors and directors that will arouse interest in the various stage techniques. In 1996 he moved to Madrid where he began his studies at the Entertainment Technology Center and is where begins to live his dream. He works as a camera for the Documentation Centre Theatre, Lighting Technician by the National Classical Theatre Company among others and makes lighting designs for various theater and dance companies. He currently combines his professional career as Fotógrafa fashion, advertising, and conceptual photography for the Performing Arts, with its work Lighting Technician at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia.

Lives in Valencia. Student of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and Photographer in the academy reveal (2012). The plastic work of interdisciplinary encompasses des painting, printmaking and drawing and illustration, basing everything from a photographic base. As far as photography is concerned spanned all possible fields and trying to find new experiences to expand knowledge about them.
"My photography is based on those little moments of life in which people and elements around us make us more people, I think those matches or moments and circumstances, those little things are the building blocks of life. Portraying most successful in the field of photojournalism. "