Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II

During the war, the Soviets did everything they could to further demonize their opponent. This included elaborate photo manipulation, something the Soviets were well known for doing.

A horrible picture like this…

…might not be so horrible after all. Rather friendly, in fact.
Here you see the Waffen SS about to hang a Soviet civilian.
In reality, it’s Walter Cruger being awarded the Knight’s Cross.
One of the more well-known manipulations.
Turns out it’s not so bad after all.
Notice how the skyline seems to repeat itself at one point.
Turns out it was obstructed by a German soldier looking at a Soviet machine gun.
At the concentration camp, Soviet version.
German soldiers laughing after hanging a Soviet nurse.
You can still see the guy’s coat peeking out in the previous picture. And that post makes a great rope.