Papa Francisco looked for a smartphone , smiled and photography became viral

Image published on Twitter of Italian journalist was widely publicized.
When your smartphone is with the camera pointed at us, the practice is often a smile. That is what the Pope did Francisco , on Wednesday , with three teenagers , in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican . The Pope smiled Francisco in his first selfie - the new English term for the self - portrait taken by a smartphone that ends up on social networks . The self -portrait was drawn by one of the three young men . An Italian journalist got the photo and published it a day later on Twitter with a single adjective , " epic" . The image went viral .

It is an amazing act to the highest pastor in the Catholic hierarchy . Two reviews of the tweet journalist Fabio M. Ragona said something like : " Now I've seen everything." Although oriented indulgent associated with selfie - nowadays there are " selves " all, " I " at the hairdresser , to lunch , to the beach in the background , " I " with friends to have fun at the disco - the "I " the Pope seems to be more linked to appreciation of his young fans , religious and smiling, in the midst of the temple .

Perhaps this is only the continuation of its effort to be in contact with others. After all , the Twitter account of Pope Francisco is frequently updated . And a few days ago it was learned that the Pope called again a believer . This time the call was made to an Argentine woman , mother of six biological children , who had been raped by a police officer , and he wrote years later , the Vatican , in a letter to his story that caught the attention of the Pope.

" He restored peace and faith in me and gave me strength to continue," said Alejandra Pereyr cited by Time magazine . " When I heard the voice of the Pope , which was felt to be touched by God. "

But the Pope Francisco is not limited to technology to get closer to the Catholics . When he was in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , made ​​a point of visiting people who live in slums . In your own backyard , at the Vatican , there are dozens of photographs documenting him in St. Peter's Square , to give a kiss on the face of infants and children . Of these , perhaps the most poignant is that of the Pope being embraced by a young girl straight hair and white ribbon on his head . The girl's face is covered by the profile of Pope Francisco , once again , smiling .