Ricardo Praga from United Photo Press with David Gordon Green and Emile Hirsch

Ricardo Praga from United Photo Press (at right) and  Emile Hirsch

David Gordon Green, director of "Pineapple Express" and "The Sitter" together with Emile Hirsch , known mostly by his main role on the road movie "Into the Wild", were at this year edition of the Sarajevo film festival to present the newest Green´s movie entitled "Prince Avalanche". 

They have made the festival famous red carpet and they shared with us their movie production experience at a very special press conference.

This offbeat comedy "Prince Avalanche" awarded David Gordon with the prize for "Best Director" at the Berlin Fest.

The project was based on the "minimalist" Icelandic movie called "Either Way" (Icelandic: Á annan veg) and Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch give life to the main characters.

Lance LeGault, mostly known for acting with Elvis Presley back on the day, is also a character in the movie. Lance LeGault have died before being able to see his last work as an actor but David Gordon Green dedicated the film to his memory.

According to Emile, he was sort of tricked to get into the movie. Before accepting to participate as an actor within the movie he asked the script where he got only sixteen pages. He couldn't understand if that was a movie but since Paul Rudd was in it, probably was a movie so he decided to call Paul and ask him if that was really in fact a movie. Paul answered him: "I guess so... But one of those movies to show in a barbeque with family and friend.” So, even with barbeque idea they convince him to be in the movie.

The director David Gordon Green decided to do a low budget movie in order that simplicity and creativity turned into the main keys of the project. He didn´t want to be constrain by the politics and responsibilities that normally big productions have to embrace. For him was an opportunity of doing something that not everyone wants to see. Something different from "Pineapple Express" where thousands of people in NY were waiting for the opening. Something where he could show known actors from a different perspective then people normally are used to see them. This was a project that he intended to do secretly and to do it he needed people in which he could trust. People that would not put the movie into "headlines". He took sixteen days to shoot all movie where a camera, a microphone and sun light were the technical ingredients of the production. If at the end the movie would "suck" then he would sweep it under the carpet and nobody would know about its existence

"Prince Avalanche" is definitely not a movie for everyone. However the "!Hej Open Air Cinema" at the Sarajevo festival was sold out but not everyone was pleased with such specific style of film. According to the audience feedback, many were expecting something different from the movie but at the end when the crew came out to say greetings to the public, there was many complements given to Emile for his role as actor in the movie but the audience still had to mention his past role in the movie "Into the Wild".