Remember Ricardo Praga´s World 2014 & new UPP international exhibitions 2020

In 2014 United Photo Press member, Ricardo Praga was selected to present the city of Prague at the cover of the José Cordeiro´s new book entitled "O Vício da História".

In the edition of the "WORLD" book from United Photo Press, he will show his Black & White collection named "Bampiros". Ricardo Praga in this collection brings a retro, "noir" and melancholic mood with many other specific ingredients that categorize his style of artwork.

"World" is a Black & White photography book which brings together international artists from areas such as photography and painting to show you "not only what you want to see" but also " what you need to see".

The new edition of "B&W - 30 Years of Creative Artists"  was already announced and its release is expected at October of 2020 where 2 major exhibitions are already planned to introduce the publication to the public.

During October 2020 artists and art enthusiasts will have the chance to visit a stunning exhibition at  Electricity Museam in Madeira Islands, where the collective of artists will be presenting their artworks together with the release of the new book.

The other planned exhibition will be running aduring the month of November 2020, this time in Moscow at Sakharov Center

These exhibitions are certainly a great occasion to see part of Ricardo Praga´s "World".