DOX - An art phenomenon within the Czech Capital


DOX is an independent Contemporary Gallery located in the city of Prague, more precisely in Holešovice.

What used to be an old abandoned factory placed in Prague´s industrial area is now an impressive infrastructure as a gallery showcase located in a very promising and upcoming area of the city.

The Gallery was open to the public in 2008 and over the years of its existence was referred by the media and won several awards for leading positions between Czech Galleries.

Nowadays is surely one of the cultural places which should not be missed in Prague.

DOX has shown throughout its existence to be a dynamic place managed by an active team and due to that it's in constant change. The Gallery offers interesting and constantly changing exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, family programs and other special events.

DOX has a minimalist infrastructure and a generous space which allows several exhibitions to run at the same time. The walls are usually covered with a bright white color which helps to keep the focus on art. The DOX shop is something that not every gallery can offer. This is a decent place where you can find works from most prominent Czech Designers and conceptual artists.

You can also find works from international artists and books about design, art and architecture.

Once in the upper floor of the tour, you can recognize that many halls are actually using natural light but once you get into the café you will be able to see a wide outdoor area – the terrace - This is a great place to discuss and relax during the warm days when you finish or if you need a break from your tour. Then, there is nothing that feels as good as the cafe next to you to help you loose.

Besides all that, the Gallery still adds its own Library as another option to have access to art.

To bring a better picture of what´s happening at DOX, the contemporary artist Ricardo Praga from the United Photo Press provided a range of images that he collected throughout the year 2013 which portrait more clearly what is really going on at the gallery.

Please, see below: