The Male Gaze

"Mountain II" © John Croteau/Courtesy of Capricious 88
An exhibition exploring the theme of masculinity opened in November at the recently inaugurated gallery Capricious 88 on New York City’s Lower East Side. The show, which continues through the beginning of February, features the work of both established and emerging photographers, including Peter Croteau, Anne Hall, Nicolai Howalt, Collin LaFleche, Anders Petersen and Susan Surface.

The exhibited works are selected from issue 14 of Capricious, the biannual fine-art photography magazine founded in 2004 by Swedish photographer Sophie Mörner. Among the images that investigate “a range of masculine esthetics and ethos” is Howalt’s “Car Crash Studies Untitled Exterior #6,” which shows the dents and chipped paint of a wrecked car in close-up detail; a black-and-white photograph by Petersen of a pair of nude men on a bed, one of them wrestling with a dog; and an image by Hall of a phallic stone edifice set against a gray, cloudy sky.

In keeping with the mission of Morner’s Capricious magazine, the gallery aims to “create new possibilities for those who not only push the boundaries of photography but also bring critical attention to social and political issues,” according to a statement announcing the gallery’s opening.