Photo Romania Festival 2014 is launching the photo contests

Amateur and professional photographers from Romania and from abroad can submit their photos in 3 of Photo Romania Festival’s different competitions. 
The total prize sum is over 1.200 Euros 

For before the 4th edition of the Photo Romania Festival – “the most important photography festival in Eastern Europe” according to The Telegraph – the organizers have set up three different competitions for photo enthusiasts, with a total prize sum of over 1.200 Euros.

The first of these competitions is Photo Romania Award. It is addressed to amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Using the Photo Romania Award App, photographers can submit a photo on the Photo Romania Festival Facebook page for one of the three sections of the contest: “Photojournalism”, “Black and White”, and “Journey Photography”.

The submitting period is from the 26th of March till the 16th of May 2014. After the submitting has ended, the jury will choose a winner. The prize consists of a 500 Euro voucher for an online photo equipment store.

Based on the number of likes given by the public during the submitting period, there will be another winner photo, called “Viral Photo of the Year”, the prize for this will be a 300 Euro voucher. The announcing of the winners will be done on the 25th of May.

Romanian amateur photographers with a collection of 15 to 20 photos on a specific theme, who want to exhibit said collection during Photo Romania Festival, can register for the Expo-Debut Competition. The registrations will start on the 1st of April and will last till the 30th of April, on the Festival’s Facebook page. On the 1st of May the jury will decide the winner. The exhibition of the winner of the contest will take place on the 23rd of May, and the cost of the printing, transport, and accommodation of the winner will be provided by the organizers.

The third competition – Head to Head – is addressed to a number of 16 Romanian amateur or professional photographers. The photographers can register for the competition beginning from the 14th of April until the 16th of May, and during the festival (16th of May – 25th of May) they will undergo three distinct competition stages.

On the 1st stage, photographers will be split in 8 teams composed of 2 photographers each. Each team will receive 2 themes. For each theme, each contestant will have to shoot a photo in a 12-hour interval from the receiving of the theme. The jury will analyze all the photos and will choose 6 participants to qualify in the second stage of the competition. 

The same mechanism will be applied again for the last 2 stages of the contest so that in the 4th stage there are only 2 contestants left. They will receive 5 themes and be given 48 hours to submit their photos. 
The jury will appoint the winner on the 25th of May. The prize will be a 200 Euro voucher for an online photo equipment shop.

The jury for all 3 competitions will be made out of Sebastian Vaida, Radu Salcudean, Horatiu Curutiu, and Sebastian Magnani.

Also, this is the last week for the 20% early bird discount for the Photo Romania Academy photography workshops.

More info on: photoromaniafestival.ro/en and on facebook.com/PhotoRomaniaFestival

About Photo Romania Festival: The festival’s first edition was held in 2010, and since then it has brought photography in the spotlight of Romanian culture, succeeding in just 4 years to put Cluj-Napoca in a world-wide network of photography festivals. Along complex photography events, the festival has managed to unveil the first photography museum in Romania that starting 2015 will have a permanent headquarters. 

Last year’s Photo Romania Festival meant 40 exhibitions, 5 national firsts, 1.500 printed photos, 500 photographers from 15 countries, and 70.000 participants.

The festival is organized by Photo Romania Association and produced by Fapte, an agency that also organizes The Career Fair and Jazz in the Park. Communication partner for Photo Romania Festival is Vitrina Advertising.