Prague Photo Festival - The biggest showcase of photography in Czech Republic

Jan Saudek artworks - Photography by Andrej Sebeny
Now in its seventh year, the festival opens April 7 with several exhibitors, for the second time at the Kafka´s House as the main exhibition center. This one week event is extended into Prague Photo Festival with 10 curator projects running throughout the month of April and May within Prague galleries, museums and exhibition halls.

The House where Kafka was born is now giving place to hundreds of photographs which cover the walls from every single room at the 4 large floors of the infrastructure. The main center is intended to present the art of photography through the eyes of several known Czech and International artists from different generations. 

You can expect to see artworks from Czech Masters of Photography as for example Jan Saudek and Jiri Hanke and International artists as Ricardo Praga from United Photo Press. 

Besides the space for established artists, there is also opportunity for the youngest generation of photographers to present their work. Students from the field of photography have the chance to present their work under the space represented by their own School or University.

Ricardo Praga artworks – Photography by Jaromir Zagreb

10 curator projects running at the Prague Photo Festival 2014:

1. Artinbox Gallery: Neizvestnij Chudožnik
2. Ateliér Josefa Sudka: Libuše Jarcovjáková
3. Kavárna Velryba: Iveta Kopicová
4. Galerie Fotografic: Milota Havránková
5. Galerie Gambit: Ricardo Praga
6. City Gallery Prague: Jiři Kovanda
7. IndigoSpace: Maxim Stano
8. Leica Gallery Prague: Thomas Hoepker
9. Galerie Josefa Sudka: Miroslav Jodas
10. Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze: Anna Fárová