United Photo Press contemporary artist Ricardo Praga and his Psychedelic Circus"

Ricardo Praga at the Gambit Gallery – Exhibition “Culture Clash – Deviations” – photography by_Alen_Nurkic

"Psychedelic Circus as never seen before" is the subtitle of the new exhibition “Culture Clash – Deviations” from the Portuguese contemporary artist living in Prague who claims to be Ricardo Praga. 

An exquisite melancholy from Prague´s streets in contrast with attributes of physical labor, military and the world of printed media - in hyperbole associated with clown noses - it is open to the public till the end of June at the Gambit Gallery.

Lovely morning after coffee – Artwork by Ricardo Praga
Ricardo Praga (1979), real name Ricardo Silva, quotes sophisticated arrangements and surreal sets with a distinctive view from the diversity of European cultures, that’s his perception several years after moving from his native city of Porto to Bohemia. Fascination with the Prague´s magical scene, its domestic and street motifs completed by the current symbolic portraits and photos with ready-made ​​elements. Lens skills are excited with a decadent touch, theatrical makeup and mysterious spirit. The important role of detail in rectangle geometry form of the window frame or fine woolen pompom within the sock.

Author of his pictures which with enthusiasm openly discussed his views with the interested visitors of the gallery, around him develops documentaries, participate in international festivals and other diversified art projects. "Many are not ready for a similar style, because it requires concentration from the side of the viewer. Is not only just about whether you like the work or not, but on the ability to transport it into another time, place or context." Transferring meaning and freedom of other interpretations, the viewer is immediately activated, which perceived the participants in the opening, where Ricardo outlined some of the possible interpretations of the “Footprints” series.

"I intend to stop the audience with the graphic aesthetics and through that, allow them to generate a personal relationship to the objects in the picture," says the Bachelor of arts and multimedia from ISMAI University of Porto. "Violin Time is part of the collection “Prague Fairy tale” that explores the beauty of Prague as a city, its magic and mysticism. In its contrast, “Lovely Morning After Coffee” focuses on the frustration and the dark dreams of those who live in the circus of life." Ricardo remembers his childhood backyard at home in its parents house in Porto. "It's a magical place full of fantasy, a circus, in which anything could happen."

Last month we had pieces of the Portuguese artist presented in Prague Photo Festival, where - in addition to demonstrations of the latest cycle - also exhibited partially the pantomimic collection “Pink Street” (Ružová Street). "It's amazing that I have as a Portuguese possibility to pass a little of the 'Czech culture' throughout the world," sums up while smiling the photographer who is just going to personally escort his Black & White and color formats to an exhibition at the Palais Kheireddine in Tunis. Within this year, it is also planned 2 exhibitions in Japan and 1 in Madeira.

Text by Dana Benešová-Trčková for the Czech Television (Channel> CT24)