Swedish championship: Photography without professional equipment is that possible?

I decided to photograph the Swedish Championship in Sweden (Borås) I got my accreditation so I could take photos without any problems with accessibility.

Before I decided to shoot Swedish Championship, I thought about going there to photograph without professional equipment? Let's try and see how it goes I thought, and packed my gear and drove to Boras.

I started with photographing bowls that held the middle of the center where both competed and was able to test on as an amateur. The pictures were great and colorful.
Crosscart, Cars and Motorcycle
As number two, I chose MC / car & crosscart that was running in the woods on a hill, put on my 150-500 lens and was looking good spot for photography, the competition started with MC.

Crosscart, Cars and Motorcycle
Everything worked fine with my lens when I looked at the pictures only problem came when the sun disappeared when the pictures were not as good in color longer.

Gliding aerobatics
The third sport, I chose flight on Boras Airport but this day the weather was bad with rain and clouds in the sky. I put on the 150-500 lens and set the camera for at least 1/1000 sec.

There were mixed results when the sun came and went, but good enough to be used at high level.

Gliding aerobatics
When the sun disappeared so became the pictures again quite boring with dull colors against the gray sky, had I had better equipment so had obviously images become more useful.

Gliding aerobatics

Swedish Championship in Roller Derby

The sport involves practitioners, divided into two teams, running on an oval indoor track and points are awarded to a player (wailing, marked with a star on the helmet) that runs by each member (blockers) of the opposing team. Blockers is to block the path of the opposing team's jammer and help their own jammer to make it easier to get past. This is done by using different strategies. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Roller derby was developed in the USA during the 1930s and was originally an entertainment sport. At that time played both ladies and gentlemen. In the 1970s, the sport died out of the 2000s revived, this time as an underground / do-it-yourself movement with mostly female practitioners.

Roller derby is run on an oval, flat indoor track. A match (called a bout) lasts for a total of 60 minutes and is divided into two 30-minute periods. The sessions are in turn divided into several jams that can be in a maximum of two minutes and 30 seconds break in between.

The teams consist of up to 14 players each. Ten pieces are on the track at the same time, four blockers and one jammer from each team. Substitutions may be made from yams. A blocker may have the role of pivot, closest comparable to a quarterback in American football, and have certain privileges. Pivot is marked with a stripe down the helmet and wailing with a star.

Each jam starts with the blockers start in a cluster (called packing) behind the front starting line on the track. Jammers start position is at the rear starting line, directly behind the peloton. Everyone starts at the same time on the referee's whistle. Lamentation first task is to try to squeeze through the peloton. Blockerns task is to try to boost their own jammer through the pack while preventing the opponent's jammer to get through. This may be done through tackles according to certain rules. The jammer who first manages to get through the opposing blockers without being penalized for any fouls called lead jammer and has the right at any time to cancel jammen by placing his hands on his hips. The two jamrarna will now quickly run up the peloton again after which point the count begins. Wailing will now try to get past so many motståndarblockers as possible. Each rule according overtaken motståndarblocker gives one point. When lead wailing marks with hands on hips or when two minutes have elapsed, the jam is over.

Around the web, there are seven judges, including those on roller skates, with different roles. Five keeps track of the bunch, and two follow opposite jammer to keep score. 

UNITED PHOTO PRESS - Tommy Hammarsten - Sweden 2014
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