The contemporary artist Ricardo Praga with Armand Assante

Ricardo Praga with Hollywood star Armand Assante

The Hollywood actor Armand Assante was at the Sarajevo Film Festival where he introduced the short film entitled “The Fix” to the Sarajevo public. The short film is directed by Ante Novaković which was also present at the festival.

Assante, mostly known in movies such as: “Guido”, “Judge Dredd”, “American Gangsters” and “Once Upon a time in Brooklyn” decided to embrace the project from Ante Novajović in order to support new film-makers to get to be known to the world. Assante as a Hollywood star have participated in almost 100 movies but nowadays dedicate his time to co-produce films in countries like Argentina and Kazakhstan and cooperate as an actor in films from young directors with hope to bring the best of them to the public.

The contemporary artist Ricardo Praga, member of the United Photo Press, has joined Assante and Novaković for a Coffee where the Hollywood star have highlighted specially his passion in nurturing young filmmakers. The idea of future cooperation with new ideas and projects was open at the table for anyone with a “can do” attitude and the proper potential. Assante became a surprise for the festival by showing his willingness to provide everyone with the same kind of opportunity in the cinema Industry.

Assante has began his career in 1974 and since then have been nominated 4 times for the Golden Globe Awards. In the past two years, he has been working on ESCORT SERVICE, FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, JEANS GENERATION, CARPET BOY, LANDLOCKED, ANGEL OF DEATH, FIRST LAW, BLOWTORCH, MONTEVIDEO, VIDIMO SE! ASSUMED KILLER, HUNTING THE PHANTOM, A FINE STEP and BLIND PASS which are all in the pre-production or post-production stages and which we will have the opportunity to watch in the future.

Armand Assante webpage: http://www.armandassante.net/
Ricardo Praga webpage: http://www.ricardopraga.com