To all a Christmas Light and Harmony and a New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity !

Carlos Alves de Sousa / President of United Photo Press 

Dear members, colleagues, friends and employees in general

During 2014, once again you were companions of our daily toil. In the balance of the days we rely on the strength and the support of each of you, is attending our activities, is helping us in spreading our various actions held around the world.

We can not always thank one by one the way as you or deserve, but I would note that in these 21 years of international leadership of President of United Photo Press , felt so supported and attended by all my co-workers worldwide, as this arduous undertaking to chair an international organization with recognized prestige. The year 2014 was marked by days of joy, sharing, intense walk, great discoveries, a harmony that can not be translated into simple words. One would have to feel, to live each moment, be every move, to have an understanding of this year, the picture remains more than some think and others dream ... like marriage ...!

As some more direct members of United Press Photo know, it took nine months of continuous work on four continents, to put the exhibition and the international book "WORLD 2014" in the air, which had a total of 900 selected photos from 300 photographers and painters United Photo Press worldwide.

International recognition came for the "European Photo Safety", in which we will present the photographic exhibition and the book "WORLD 2015," as well as start the year 2015 with a photographic and painting exhibition at the House of Culture Setúbal, Portugal.

Since time is of reflection and climate changes that affect us all, are already part of our day-to-day, United Photo Press, always attentive and participative in the "green lines" of our ECO page | WORLD with a large environmental component, will prepare the project for 2015, along with several environmental and other partners, a mega international competition for future exhibition and book, called "ECO | WORLD" which will be part of the photographic component and plastic arts in all its aspects.

It's Christmas, the good will be away from us sorrow, and not allow ourselves to grieve with concerns, the future belongs to all of us ... I just want to thank you all for walk these 20 years.

To all a Christmas Light and Harmony and a New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity!

Carlos Alves de Sousa
President of United Photo Press