Granada Chefs from Spain, become ambassadors of culture and gastronomy

The Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios 'Iznaoliva' and Chefs 4.0 Grenadines presented Wednesday at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) project to promote tourism Cheftour Granada Tourism Ambassador, an initiative that invites you to visit the most attractive places of the province of Granada very best chefs, who thus become ambassadors of culture and cuisine, inspiring potential tourists from around the world.

The presentation was attended by the regional government delegate in Granada, Sandra Garcia, mayor of Granada, José Torres Hurtado, Macarena Díaz, representing Iznaoliva and President of Cooks Grenadines 4.0, Jesus Bracero, which has been accompanied by a representation of the 16 chef that make this association, in addition to associates.

Iznaoliva president, Francisco Ramos, expressed his gratitude to all those who make this "positive Granada" driver of an innovative tourism image of the province thanks to ambassadors exception, chefs Chefs Association Grenadines 4.0 project .

"It's a real treat to have this group of food professionals, committed one hundred percent with the tourist and gastronomic development, involved in all the positive initiatives for the province, caring and above all, an innovative tourism ambassadors plan, and essential plank of this project, "said Macarena Díaz, representing the Ntra. Mrs. cooperative. de los Remedios Iznalloz.

The regional government delegate, stressed the originality of this project promoted by an agricultural cooperative that goes one step further in its internationalization "support an innovative project and committed to our province." For its part, the mayor of Granada, José Torres, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, Rocio Diaz, stressed excellence in the work of Granada pro chefs in the gastronomy of the province.

Cheftour Granada Tourism Ambassador brings together 16 chefs, 14 restaurants and 19 monuments scattered in 13 municipalities representing 10 counties. Several institutions and organizations have been involved in the tourism project that promotes Granada from the feeling of our best chefs. These are professionals who exercise ambassadors 16 privileged enclaves, describing its tourist attractions and reasons why tourists from around the world would love to visit. In each of them, a chapter of this promotional video that will be broadcast on Canal Youtube and social networking is recorded.

This project, promoted by the cooperative olive oil Iznaoliva collaboration with Chefs Grenadines 4.0, aims to capture the attention of Asian, European and American market through a visual and gastronomic experience in order to promote tourism in the province of Granada and publicize our delicacies.