Presenting the UNITED PHOTO PRESS - RETROSPECTIVE OF 25 YEARS 1990 | 2015 began by thanking in particular our members scattered around the world and to future guests participating in our future exhibition that will last three months in Marina de Albufeira in Portugal, our recognition for their willingness, imagination and interest in the United Photo Press project.

Our many, many thanks to The American Institute of Arts for their recognition in our humble contribution for art in the world.

Today's work, is sure tomorrow we are all artistically together without distinguishing race, color or sex, which stimulates our dream in inspiration and feeling new formulas, new techniques, new materials, so that we grow together .. .

One was renewed progressively more active and innovative. An exercise of exchanges, shares and complicity. Characters that recreate soul games, color experiences, enchanted forms, dressed in lines or dashes. Representation in multi-disciplinary areas, parade of emotions, sensualiades and transparencies. Proposals from conventional to new trends, sensitivities, ruptures and divisions. Projects that have learned to voice a crossroads of aesthetic-plastic concepts. Journey shared between the eyes and the mind, hold the breath when you feel those who observe us.

Attention, curiosity and interest in the natural sublime task of creation.

Say in addition, an exercise in which the difference of the result is visible in each, the effort, the time to research and anonymous humility responsible but who simply creates because it can not close the chest ideas and ideals.

Their exchange results in the necessary renewal, continually ascending and free, on a flight, in the imagination of time in solitude and recollection, in an extreme care that is never extinguished, before being renewed in each new piece, new work, new project.

This is how we crossed into the future, several lines but not dispersed to the convictions of the themes in a colorful mixture, where feelings and emotions move, build and complement, the result of individual artistic expression.

Carlos Alves de Sousa
President of United Photo Press