WHY MIAMI IS THE MOST AMERICAN CITY IN THE UNITED STATES | Is Miami as American as apple pie? We think so.

How do you define the United States? Well, technically by our borders and a complex set of laws that govern it, but it's really so much more. It's the land of opportunity, of hard work, and the American dream, and dammit we think Miami exemplifies those as well as or better than any other city in this country.

So get ready to celebrate Fourth of July in the most American city in this country. Here's why: 

The United States Is the Country of Immigrants, and Miami Is the City of Immigrants 
America is a land of immigrants, and Miami's population happens to have the highest percentage of immigrants of any major city in the world. We're a modern testament to the idea that people can still come to America, work hard, succeed, and better the community in the process. Heck, 35 years ago when Miami was going through its biggest immigration wave, people thought the new arrivals would ruin the city. Today, we're a certified Alpha-Global City, a hub of international trade, art and culture, and better than ever. 

And Yet, Like America, Our Melting Pot Can Still Remain Stubbornly Divided 
Miami, like America at large, is a melting pot, but both are imperfect melting pots with the stove sometimes set at low. We're getting there, but American history shows it's never been a quick process. 

We Have Entrepreneurial Spirit 
Carol City's own Rick Ross burst onto the scene with anthem to hustlin' everyday, and that's no mistake. The Kaufmann Foundation lists Miami as the fifth most entrepreneurial city in America (and that's only counting the above the table stuff *cough* *cough*). 

We're the Most Important Big City in Presidential Elections 
Democracy is the foundation of America, and every four years during America's most important democratic event, we're center stage.

Miami-Dade is the biggest county in America's biggest swing state, which means every candidate has to pay extra special attention to us. Cities like San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago can be counted on to do what they do, and in today's climate of guaranteed red and blue states, candidates take that for granted. But not Miami. Both parties candidates are guaranteed to be here multiple times through any election courting our votes. It's no wonder that we have two candidates running for president this year who call Miami home.

A statue of Julia Tuttle in Bayfront Park.
Photo by Phillip Pessar / United Photo Press

We're the Only Major American City Founded by a Woman 
America has been talking about the ideals of equality since its founding, but it's still on a long, tough road to truly get there. Of course, even when the law said they couldn't, the oppressed have always found ways to contribute to the country. Julia Tuttle couldn't technically vote to found the city of Miami. Women didn't have the right to vote at that time, but she was the biggest mover and shaker in turning this plot of land into an actual town. She singlehandedly convinced Henry Flagler to extend his railway to Miami, and then pushed for incorporation. Today, we recognize her as our founder. 

Santeria Reminds Us of the True Freedoms of Religion 
Does freedom of religion mean that laws should be enacted based on your own personal religious beliefs, and things that go against them should be outlawed? No. No it does not. Does it mean that the government can't pass laws against your ability to openly practice your religion, even if that religion involves the occasional ceremonial decapitation of animals? Yes. Yes it does. 

Our Influence on the World
After World War II, America has emerged as a true world power whose influence is felt all around the world. Miami, of course, is the hub between America and the entire continent of South America, not to mention the Caribbean.

We're Really Patriotic
The second most patriotic in the whole country, actually, according to Amazon.com

We Have the Only Perfect Record in the Modern NFL 
What's more American than football? Not much. What do Americans love more than winning? Not much. Guess who has the only undefeated season in modern NFL history? The 1972 Miami Dolphins. Yeah, we're gonna include that. Let's not also forget that we're the birthplace of many of America's finest athletes in America's finest sport.