How to Create Raindrops of Light with Steel Wool

GoPro just released this 4-minute video tutorial titled “Creating Fire Rain: A Steel Wool Experiment.” It’s a look at how you can create raindrops of light by burning and spinning steel wool, a technique that has gotten a lot of attention (both good and bad) over the past few years.

Warning: This photography technique can be very dangerous and can cause serious bodily injuries and damage to a place if not done in a safe and controlled manner. In 2016 alone, steel wool photography has been blamed for burning down an iconic shipwreck and a 1920s landmark. Thus, it should only be done with appropriate care for surroundings, adequate safety equipment, and permission to use the specific location.

In the video, we see Rob Nelson and Jonas Stenstom from Untamed Science step through the process of creating fire rain. A model holding an umbrella was asked to stand in the path of sparks, creating dazzling results in long exposure photos.

The video above was shot entirely with the GoPro HERO4 camera.