9 Ways to Live Big in a Small Home

Large homes are looked at as a measure of one’s success but nowadays, it’s all about the address. With land becoming scarcer in India’s urban areas, often a small apartment with a sea view is considered more premium than a large home in the suburbs. Even in a smaller apartment, it’s possible to like royalty. These 9 tips will help you to design your small home so you feel pampered in it.

Create a Highlight

One of the key measures of living big is having a memorable home. Design an eye-catching central feature or a highlight in your open-plan home. It will leave a lasting impression in visitors’ minds.

​Make Efficient Use of Every Inch

When space comes at a premium, you need to make the most of it. Try to use every available square inch efficiently. Whether it’s custom built furniture or floor-to-ceiling storage, plan each room so that precious space isn’t wasted.

​Plan for Ample Storage

The key to giving a room a spacious feel is to store things away so that tables and countertops are clutter-free, and this is possible only with sufficient storage space. You can never have too much storage, so it’s better to plan for future requirements at the initial stage rather than trying to squeeze it in later.

​Have an Open Plan

An open-plan design is the best option for apartments and small homes as it increases the airiness of the home. If you must have partitions, create them using sheer accessories so that it looks like a large, well-lit and airy space.

Use Eye-Catching Furnishings

Whether you choose bright colours or rich woven patterns, furnish your home to make it stunning and to give it a warm and welcoming ambiance.

​Keep it Clutter-Free

Keeping things clean and neat is essential for improving the energy inside a home. Make it a point to store away things as soon as you finish using them so that your home has positive energy flowing through it at all times.

​Go for Double-Height Ceilings

When designing a small duplex home, try to incorporate a double-height ceiling in the living area. It adds a feeling of openness. It’s especially useful when you are entertaining as the room won’t seem too cramped.

​Get Custom-Made Furniture

Furniture that is customized for your home is not only unique but also perfect for the area for which it is designed. A creatively designed cabinet or sofa adds interest to your small home and serves as a conversation-starter when you have visitors.

​Design Cosy Spaces for Relaxing

Everyone likes to unwind when they are at home. Usually, it’s in a small corner of the home, where one isn’t likely to be disturbed or in the open-air balcony or terrace with a view or some greenery. Choose a space within your home, which will provide you the most relaxation. Accessorize it according to your personal preference, whether it's with floor cushions and a plug point for music or a swing chair with a telescope nearby for viewing the stars.

Designing small spaces can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. Put on your thinking cap and jot down ideas on how you can improve your little kingdom. For interesting tips on designing kitchens for small apartments, see this ideabook.