How Adriana Lima Plans to Live Forever

Model Adriana Lima
touched down in West Hollywood
What’s Adriana Lima’s beauty mantra? Anything that will help her live forever. “I want to live long,” she explained. I must have been smiling because she added, “I’m not joking.” We were seated in a breezy suite at the Sunset Tower Hotel talking about her beauty secrets. Lima was wearing a full face of makeup, and, despite the boiling weather, flowy long sleeves and long pants.

“I’m a model,” she said, “and part of my job is to take care of myself and my body. Even though if I wasn’t a model, I would do that.” Everything about the way she lives her life — her diet, her outlook, her workout routine — reflects a desire to be ageless, and more importantly (since she wants to live forever), timeless.

Lima was in town to launch Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance, Divine Decadence, a more sophisticated and classic twist to his original Decadence. The event was held later that night at the United Artists Theater, an iconic pre-talkie venue in downtown Los Angeles dripping in Spanish Gothic influences and elegance, much like its guest list, which included stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Angie Harmon, and Rashida Jones. And then Lima, who looked stunning in a multi-colored, shimmery gown with a high slit and black strappy heels.

Treating her complexion with products that her Paris facialist Herve Herau give her, she also loves simple, natural treatments. “In Brazil, I use coconut water," she explained, much like a big sister. "You put it in the fridge, you get it cold, and then you soak cotton pads with it and put it on your face. It’s like a natural moisturizer treatment. It's also great at bringing down puffiness.” Her dedication to staying healthy carries over to a strong fitness ethic. “I’m into boxing. I try to go every day,” she says. “Traveling can sometimes make that difficult, because I don’t have the proper materials, but, I find something. I go running. I do burpees in the room, whatever it takes.”

And her diet, no surprise, is pretty lean and green, allowing for the occasional slice of molten chocolate cake. She loves coconut water and avocado smoothies, which her daughters drink as well. “Avocado, whole milk, honey, and ice — obviously you can substitute the whole milk for something else.” Shortly before the main course arrived, Lima and her small entourage made a quick exit from the dining area. “I think she’s leaving,” my seatmate said, somewhat forlorn. And, just like that, she was gone. There was a flight to catch.

Later that night, I thought about one of the questions I'd asked Lima earlier: What’s your most searing beauty question? "The key to longevity," she responded, almost immediately.

From the looks of things, it appears Adriana Lima might have found it.