Incredible Invisible Truck is a Marvel of Modern Science!

This could have the power to change the automotive world as we know it. The invisible truck could have monumental implications for the military, for jilted ex-wives and husbands, for stealthy backwoods partying outside Lynchburg, Virginia. 

What was once a perfectly ordinary 1984 Chevrolet (Fleetside, short-bed) with a scant 74,000 miles on its hidden-from-view odometer has been transformed by a cadre of our nation's brightest materials science engineers to remain perfectly unseen by the ordinary eye. Every surface and part has been coated with some sort of invisibility-inducing substance: its 305ci V8, its 4WD drivetrain, its clean windows, its "like new" interior, its stack of Don Henley cassettes strewn across the bench seats. What a marvel of modern science!

The cynical among you may deride this as simply a stack of tires, standing upright. To them, I ask: how could anyone stand four tires upright so perfectly?

Ever try it? It's hard. They have a tendency to roll away, flop over, gain terrifying psychic powers, etc.

No, this highly valuable experimental prototype can be yours for just $1800. (Or best offer.) A pittance for an invention that could revolutionize the way we get around. Hurry, before the Big Three suppresses it like they did the 200mpg carburetor!