Peter Zelewski's 100 portraits of Londoners captures the diversity of a global city

In his series People of London, award-winning photographer Peter Zelewski dedicated hundreds of hours to explore every corner of the city to capture fascinating portraits that highlight the rich diversity of the capital.

Buskers, refuse collectors, tailors and lawyers are captured in his unique style with many of them giving their intimate thoughts on the town, on life and everything in-between.

After having garnered international media attention, most notably by winning an award in the Taylor Wessing Prize 2015 for his portrait of Nyaueth – his series is now featured in a new book entitled People of London. Available in a new, larger-format series called Tales from the City, courtesy of independent publisher Hoxton Mini Press, it features the best in urban photography form around the world, with the first few books focused on London and then moving further afield.

Passionate about London and its people, Peter’s unique style of street portraiture has earned him a place in numerous publications and showing his work at the National Portrait Gallery. When not roaming the streets of London taking portraits of strangers, he divides his time between commercial assignments, self-initiated projects and graphic design.

All images courtesy of Peter Zelewski