Photokina 2016: The Story

We’ve spent a hectic few days in Cologne for Photokina 2016. Here’s what we’ve seen, learned and loved so far.

Most of you already know (or at least have heard about) Fair best-known photograph of the world which is being held this week, we talked about Photokina 2016. For those who do not know her, must know that is the biggest fair commercial in which can be participants in a concentration of the most important brands in the photographic sector. It is held every two years and is the perfect opportunity to know the products and developments highlighted in the photography scene. Moreover, not only what we remainder of the year, but in the next and even to be held again this trade fair taking place in Cologne. We've been there, and we want to tell some of the things we've seen.

Prestigious brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and others take the opportunity to be noticed with new products, with no improvement seen so far, advances that make us long teeth. Like many of you, could you not attend but you want to be the last, in Foto24 we intend to bring all the innovations and the most characteristic products this year, so we have planted in Cologne, gathering all the necessary information. If you want to know what were the most important developments in this Photokina 2016 estate well tuned, because these will be talking about them for a long time.

Although the team has already attended Foto24 at other times Photokina, this year it was present in the room air different from the rest, hope, change, refinement and originality is palpable. It seems that the stands, filled with new products and even not so new, will never end. People walk around and look in any direction in search of the scoop or chat they had long been waiting for. The staff of the stands, while friendly nervous about living up to what this event entails. An event changing, which has met our expectations, with the novelty of course, as the protagonist. Then, to keep you abreast of all the news that have taken place there, I will develop new products for Photokina 2016 as the stands that have more prominent in this trade fair.

1. Canon

They have tried to keep it a secret until the last moment, and they have succeeded. They have managed to keep us in suspense until you know what your new release days before the start of Photokina. Canon pulled the pool with his new EOS M5 mirrorless camera with a lightweight design and quality that has not left anyone indifferent. They have taken into account the demands of those who wanted a camera with professional features but with a weight and size suitable for all kinds of situations. Canon has designed this camera high-end mirrorless with a more compact and manageable than conventional DSLR design.

We were surprised at the number of innovations that brings this new design, new features that have to do with a great power, thanks to its Digic 7 processor speed and performance thanks to its CMOS sensor APS-C and focusing system Dual Pixel CMOS AF which gives the precision that all're looking for.

The other big news in regards Canon, has to do with their connectivity. It includes Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth technology, so you can connect the camera to your smartphone and not only transfer images, but also to use your phone as a remote control.

With respect to the objectives, seven are compatible lenses and compact design accompanying this camera without a mirror. If we combine technology with IS stabilization system five axes, you not only will improve the stability of your photos, but also your videos. Focusing on the new EF-M 18-150 mm f / 3.5-6.3 IS STM presented to society at Photokina, we should mention an optical design that breaks with the above, built with an engine USM Nano offer a super quick focus, very fluently and very quiet. What surprised us most of the suitable target for such unequal areas as wildlife, sport or urban scenes, was the electronic display to provide information to the photographer.

2. Nikon

Without any doubt, Nikon has taken a step further as far as innovation is concerned. Despite the many rumors that have enveloped Nikon with a supposed new mirrorless camera, has left us with honey on the lips during his presentation at Photokina with three different models of camcorders action ultra resistant, with features very different from what we've seen so far, some models that attempt to occupy an increasingly large niche market.

Although earlier this year and was offered an advance camcorder 360 KeyMission action, they have designed two models. But first we must expand on the features of this device has broken with everything we knew so far. This is the first camcorder capable of recording 4K UHD with 360 ° format, which I venture to say, that will be a problem for one of its biggest competitors in this sector, GoPro. Following their performance, has been designed with a very compact size and light (as expected in an action camera) and resistant to all kinds of shocks, withstand even falls from 2 meters high, is also waterproof for 60 minutes to 30 meters deep without housing.

The following action camcorder, KeyMission 170, notable for its wide-angle Nikkor lens and also because it allows recording in 4K and Full HD. It has a compact and robust design, it is resistant to all types of strokes. You can work with it under water to a depth of 10 meters during 60 minutes, also without housing. And like his partner KeyMission 360, this model includes a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, so you can quickly transfer your recordings to other devices or to your social networks.

Finally, the simplest proposal, the KeyMission 80 camcorder is designed for more practical areas of life, therefore, can not make recordings in 4K with her. But that does not mean you have fewer benefits. Designed with two cameras, a front and a rear; perfect, for example, to make recordings from your car, you can document the routes you make. Has a very different from other market action cameras elongated design, it is also very light, and has an LCD and 1.7 "touch screen. Like previous models, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

3. Sony

It seems that Sony has heard the criticism he has received throughout this time for having forgotten the Alpha range. It has come to Photokina taking a step up with its new design, the Alpha 99 II camera, a touch of fresh air despite having some similarities with its predecessor. This camera becomes the first in the market with a super compact frame and allows recording in 4K UHD. That will not be fooled by its small size and weight, because we talk about a camera terrain sensor 35 mm (Full Frame) and a resolution of 42 megapixels, with frame rates up to 30p to 100 Mbps in the format XAVC S. Te It allows you to work with an ISO of 50 to 102,400 and a burst of up to 12 frames per second, a continuous shot you can test your engine thanks aa focus focus 4D, the fastest in the market so far.

4. GoPro

The reference mark for the more adventurous, has not been content to present two new camcorders action, Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session (with a performance that have honestly improved Nikon), but also adds to its catalog the drone Karma , finally settling in that niche market that needs to look at life with a much broader or higher perspective.

Both chambers of action differs from its predecessor by its external construction, have a much more compact and lightweight design, moreover, they are capable of recording 4K recording format at 30 frames per second. They are water resistant to 10 meters deep without housing. However, Hero 5 Session does not have a GPS receiver, will not allow you to store in RAW or WDR, in addition to photos with 10 megapixels, unlike Black Hero 5 allows you to work with 12.

Another thing they have in common these new action cameras is that they are fully compatible with the new drone presented at Photokina. A drone with a stylish, compact and foldable design, so you can take it with you everywhere. Although you can control with your smartphone or voice controller with new versions of GoPro Hero, a controller with touchscreen for a more practical and intuitive use is included. It also includes a three-axis stabilizer with which you can attach your camera action and get recordings with great stability.

5. Irix

As one would expect, Irix has been noted in the world's most important photographic fair. A new brand in the optical panorama park has burst and has come to stay. It is not surprising that the benefits offered its objectives leave with their mouths open to anyone who knows the first time. We have been accompanying them in their booth Photokina along this intense week and we are pleased to announce that not only will be able to enjoy the aims 15mm Blackstone and Firefly, at the end of the year a new target Irix to be launched 11 mm f / 4 and early 2017 a target of 45 mm f / 1.4, which have been announced in these days and promise much as their brothers.

If we already fascinated the first models created by the Swiss company Swiss HT, we dare to ensure that these new models will not leave you indifferent.

Presentation of accessories for Irix goals. circular, square filters and famous gelatin filters, which are placed in the rear.

6. Olympus

Olympus wanted to go much further, considering that the Photokina festival is only held once every two years, did not want to miss the opportunity to introduce two new cameras, three new goals and an ultra powerful flash.

First, we must mention the Olympus OM-D E-M1 II as it represents the jewel in the crown as far as the brand is concerned, and not just during the remainder of the year, but next. It is not yet known when will the market, but certainly has everyone intrigued us. The new mirrorless camera despite having an electronic shutter has a burst shooting 18 fps per second, which makes us an idea of ​​how fast and effective it can become this device. It consists of a hybrid focusing system Dual Fast AF that will help you work with impressive speed approach. No doubt the speed is what most concerned Olympus, so have made every effort to apply it to all the factors that make this device, and certainly have succeeded, including the response speed of the EVF or processor.

The other chamber is presented at Photokina camera Olympus PEN E-PL8, a new micro four thirds of 16.1 megapixels and a TruePic TM VII processor. Its sensitivity ranges from ISO 100 to 25,600. Allows recording in 1080 to 24 and 30 images per second and we can work with 4K formats, the reason is that this camera compact size is designed for beginning photographers looking for a comfortable camera to carry around and with which good pictures are achieved.

With regard to the new premium should be noted that manage to complete a range of targets for all kinds of needs objectives. First the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 25mm f / 1.2 PRO is very bright thanks to its large maximum aperture diaphragm, its 9 diaphragm blades allow you to get a mild effect bokeh and blur and if that were not enough, has been designed with a coating Nano Z to avoid any chromatic aberrations, working with unmatchable fidelity color. Regarding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 30mm f / 3.5, it is noteworthy that makes a good team with camera OM-D E-M1 II for using bracketing, macro you can get images with different approaches and choose then the one that best suits the results you expect. Finally the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-100 objective mm 1: 4.0 IS PRO, a telephoto lens with a super rugged metal design, but very lightweight and easy to handle.

12-100 objective Olympus Photokina

The Olympus M.ZUIKO 12-100mm zoom lens

He could not finish talking Olympus not to mention one of his greatest creations presented at Photokina 2016, the flash FL-900 A. It is one of the most powerful flashes created by the brand so far, it has a guide number 58 and is capable cover a wide viewing angle focal length between 72 and 100 mm. Another new feature is that it answers shutter speeds up to 10 frames per second. And if you need this flash to work with recordings, it has incorporated a continuous illumination with an LED that gives you 100 Lux.

7. Panasonic

Panasonic has officially unveiled its new creation at Photokina, but can not be acquired until the middle of 2017. Have not want to fall behind in terms mirrorless cameras, and in fact we can say that have gone far beyond what Was expected. The camera is capable Lumix GH5 recording in 4K format at 60p / 50p, so stay above even such prestigious cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which was presented a few months ago. As commented on the new Sony camera, you can work with a continuous shot high speed, with the difference that the results of this amount to 18MP camera with a resolution much higher than Full HD.

They have also debuted two new compact cameras, Lumix DMC LX15 and Lumix FZ2000 and micro four thirds, Lumix G80. LX15 Lumix compact camera has a pocket design, elegant and stylish, with a large MOS sensor of an inch. Perfect for both work in low light, thanks to its maximum aperture of f / 1.4 to recording in 4K format, like the new model DMC Lumix FZ2000. This model incorporates a 20x optical zoom and Wi-Fi to share your work instantly. It allows you to make recordings in 4K format at 24 frames per second with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and 24 frames per second in MOV or MP4. 80% is reduced movements and vibrations thanks to the stabilization guide-pole.

Finally, the new micro four thirds designed especially for hard-core adventurers, a camera to break the mold as well says the brand. It offers a high image quality and high performance even in extreme working conditions, as has a rugged design to splash water or dust. They have improved their 4K technology with dual image stabilizer 5-axis razor sharp in every shot. also highlight its digital 16 megapixel MOS sensor and the new Venus processor.

8. Polaroid

It is increasingly committed instant cameras is that, being able to get immortalize your memories and have them in the palm of your hand instantly, it is something that we all love. It is normal for this type of cameras do not have the same quality you would get with a DSLR, but every time progresses more and more developments in this sector. Specifically Polaroid has it wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors, achieving what few imagined, have designed a camera capable of recording Full HD format, besides its sensor of 13 megapixels with which you get pictures of excellent quality, is Polaroid Touch Snap, a bold at the same time interesting bet. As stated Polaroid Print App and a Bluetooth connection, you can transfer files to your social networks in seconds, since all your photographs will be on your smartphone. Even the pictures of your smartphone can pass this instant camera.

9. Sigma

They have taken the opportunity to Photokina offers to be noticed during this event with three new high-end objectives. First we will discuss the new target belonging to the Sports range, the goal 500mm ƒ / 4 DG OS HSM. It is designed for those adventurous photographers who take your team and go to immortalize the fauna of a place, those who do not care too much for you computer security. So, it has been designed with magnesium alloy, not only to be super tough, but also to make it light. With a lens constructed of 16 elements in 11 groups, with two FLD glass elements and one super low dispersion.

Sigma 500mm Photokina

Regarding the objective 12-24mm ƒ / 4 DG HSM ART range, it is considered the most powerful ultra angular designed by the brand. Not only will offer professional results from center to the edges of your image, but also has a minimum focusing distance of 24 centimeters to 24 mm to not have to lose detail in a scene. These advantages make it one of the most versatile of the range. Also noteworthy is its engine HSM approach that significantly improve computer performance.

Sigma 12-24mm Photokina

Finally, it comes to our target 85mm ƒ / 1.4 DG HSM also part of the ART range. It is certainly one of the best alternatives for those of you who are passionate portrait photography or close-ups, because thanks to its 9 rounded diaphragm blades allow you to make a blur to give an amazing touch to your work. Besides its large maximum aperture of aperture of f / 1.4 will ensure a fantastic light.

10. Fuji

Fujifilm has decided to present at the trade fair Photokina 2016 its new medium format camera. GFX 50S Fujifilm camera with a resolution of 51.4 megapixels. We are surprised by this new creation because the benefits are similar to more expensive models, thus having a value difficult to match. As its exterior design seems to be inspired by DSLR cameras because it has a much more manageable than other medium-format cameras size. It has incorporated a monochrome monitor so you can quickly view the parameters. Fuji knows the importance of viewers in these cameras, so wanted to break away from the rest, creating a removable electronic viewfinder that attaches to the hot shoe of the camera and will allow you to tilt and rotate the monitor easily. It will certainly be a tough competition for the Hasselblad X1D.

Fujifilm at Photokina

Fuji has created three different models compatible with this new camera objectives, which have also wanted to present at Photokina, but nevertheless not be on the market until mid-2017 or even later. They belong to the G series, and respond to the name GF 63mm ƒ / 2.8 R WR, GF 32-64mm ƒ / 4R LM WR and GF 120mm ƒ / 4 Macro.

11. MagMod

The best flash modifiers we know have also had their place in this version of Photokina. Brand new MagMod have also been allowed to see to the general public. The MagMod Magbeam, an extender ideal for use with telephoto lenses flash and the MagMasks, to create patterns of different types, are the newest members of the family.

12. Takeway

Another great present in the hall were the Takeway photography clampod, who Foto24 is official distributor and seller in Spain. This has led them to use our site to teach the public their product line. Here the picture to prove it.

As you can see, this edition Photokina 2016 has brought many or more news from those expected, I hope this summary has dispelled doubts that some you had for some time regarding possible rumors that lurked some brands such as Canon or Nikon . This edition has satisfied us, at least for a while because we are looking forward to the next edition.