Getting Started in Photography: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture Explained

Maybe you’ve dabbled in photography but haven’t really dedicated yourself to learning the ins and outs of taking a high-quality photo. Maybe you used to take photos all the time, but are just getting back into it after a long hiatus.

You might even take a lot of photos, but don’t really understand the fundamentals of things like exposure.

Whichever group you fall into, there’s certainly room for growth as it pertains to building a strong foundation of photography knowledge.

After all, without understanding the basics like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, it’s going to be hard to take the kind of photos you want to take.

In the video below the guys at Tek Syndicate take us on a quick tour of these fundamentals of exposure. Get in-depth definitions of each and learn how each setting impacts the photos you take!