Tommy Hammarsten from Sweden is Tommytechno on Spotify

Tommy Hammarsten from Sweden is a photographer for United Photo Press since many years and shoot a lot in his spare time and also as a professional photographer. 

I met Tommytechno artist who is a few years ago and is the producer, graphic designer and the person who creates beautiful music that can be played on Spotify today. 

We ask Tommytechno and the new age producers which today actually have become much more accessible to the public position on the issue, "this would have been a possibility of ten years ago back?" 

No, says Tommytechno there had never been an option for anyone, you have to have someone standing behind the artist with money, contacts and knowledge of a major label or perhaps a minor one. 

What is the good thing was independent is that you will be the person who controls everything, from, song, text, graphics and the clear product, but it requires a lot of work to succeed, nothing is free. 

TechnoTommy says that he also as a photographer uses his images to create cover for his songs he produces. In such "Chillout Alanya" I use an image from holiday in Turkey this summer. 

You can follow Tommytechno on his website but also on Spotify 
For more information: 
Mobile: +46762927690 
E-mail: foretagimark@gmail.com 
Website: tommytechno 
Art: Toppart