Kodak designs a smartphone fit for the professional photographer

Eastman Kodak Company announced last week that it would be releasing a photography-centric smartphone in partnership with Bullitt Group, a mobile phone technology company. 

Called the Kodak Ektra Smartphone, the new device combines the best of Kodak’s imaging capabilities with the latest in smartphone innovations, making it a convenient choice for those who want the most out of cell phone photography.

More DSLR-like than iPhone, the Ektra features a 21-megapixel fast focus camera sensor with f2.0 aperture and non-reflective lens coating, a 13-megapixel front-facing camera with Phase Detection Auto Focus PDAF and f2.2 aperture, and a custom camera app that is controlled by an SLR-style dial that allows users to select a variety of different settings including HDR, macro, high-speed, and night-time shooting, as well as panorama and bokeh modes. In manual mode, users can adjust exposure, ISO, focus, white balance, and shutter speed. 

The phone’s screen acts shows settings as they are adjusted in real time.

The Ektra even looks a little bit like a tiny point-and-shoot, with its ergonomic form, large lens, and dedicated dual press shutter button. 

Other features include a Super 8 video recording app, 32-gig capacity that is expandable by MicroSD cards, and integrated social media sharing. 

It runs on Android 6.0 and is slated to be available across Europe later this year. Retail price is currently set at £449, or approximately $550. Take a look below.

Via: KodaK