Instead Of Ice Fishing I Take Photos Of Ice Fishing Holes

A number of years ago, during a particularly cold November here in Madison, WI, we received a call from a friend saying that I needed to go out on the frozen lake. This was a particularly cold stretch with no snow, so the lakes were just translucent ice. 

Once I got out not the ice I could see what he was excited by. The patterns, both on, and in the ice were spectacular. However what I found to be the most mesmerizing were the ice fishing holes. Although I could not stand there and fish over a small hole in the ice, I found that when they froze over they produced some of the most intriguing images I have captured. You are looking at a round hole in the ice, but little imagination you could believe you are looking deeply into someones eye, or examining the furthest reaches of the universe. 

Now every winter I make time to wander out on the ice and see what patterns are produced in these holes.

Fishing line frozen in ice fishing hole

Ice fishing holes

Ice fishing hole

Ice fishing hole

Maple seeds on ice

Maple seed on ice

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