Mariell Amélie – Conceptual Photography

Conceptual self-portraits by London-based contemporary photographer Mariell Amélie.

Mariell Amélie is a Norwegian conceptual photographer currently based in London, UK. She grew up in Andøya, a small island above the Arctic Circle. Her photographic work often creates a connection between nature and man. Despite living in London, her rural hometown above the Arctic Circle is still a great source of inspiration. Over the years, Mariell Amélie has developed a unique conceptual style, which can be described as eerie and rich of emotions. In her body of work, she skillfully combines surreal and ordinary aspects of life. Please read more below the first image.

Her conceptual photography is characterized by subtle colors and strong lighting. She wants to visualize a variety of emotions such as fear, loneliness, insecurity, etc. In her self-portraits, she interacts in different ways with her environment. A few images can be found below.

For those who want to see more of Mariell Amélie’s conceptual self-portraits, please visit her website: www.mariellamelie.com

Emotion forgotten.

Hollow and weightless.

Nine Lives – photo series by Mariell Amélie.

Part time lover.

Someone will be waiting at the station.

The march ice is slowly melting.

Weekend – Unique conceptual photography.

All images © by Mariell Amélie.