Photographer Captures Dream-Like Photos of Frozen Waterfalls

They can only be seen in stunning Croatia.

Oh, waterfalls; nature's gift to those who appreciate their inexplicable beauty. While we love looking at them, hiking up a mountain just to get a glimpse may not be for everyone (yes to trail mix, no to trail blazing). Luckily for us, such an adventure is for Tama Toth, and because of him we get to see amazing, frozen cascades — from the comfort of our own homes.

This photographer from Budapest took a trip to one of Croatia's largest national parks where the Plitvice Lakes reside. Millions of years old, these lakes are the result of the steady flow of Korana Creek, which has carved a valley into the southern, limestone area of a mountain. Sixteen lakes stretch over a portion of the park, and they've been made breathtakingly beautiful by what is known as karst processes.
The limestone has also created dykes and sills, and has even coated the lakes in a bright blue afterglow. The best part are the waterfalls, produced by a continuous limestone formation process that's in constant recreation mode.

"We could say, Plitvice is never the same as before," Toth said on Bored Panda.

He struggled through over a foot of snow to capture some very majestic shots of these frozen cataracts. While the photos certainly seem to do these dreamy lakes justice, for those who do love the great outdoors, taking a quick trip to Croatia so you can see them for yourself might just be worth it.