Oscar 2019 | Photographers' Union criticizes absence of category in broadcast

In Response to Academy Awards Controversy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has polemicized and been criticized this year for announcing that some categories would not be shown during the broadcast of the 2019 Academy Awards.

In addition to furious filmmakers and Internet users, the American Society of Cinematographers wrote a letter condemning the Academy's decision. 

"After several comments on the subject of ASC members, I think I speak for most of them by stating this as an unfortunate decision. We consider cinema a collaborative effort process where the responsibilities of director, cinematographer, editor and other areas are interspersed. 

This decision can be perceived as a separation and division of this creative process, minimizing our fundamental creative contributions, "he wrote. 

"The Academy is an important institution that represents our art in the eyes of the world. Since the creation of the organization 91 years ago, the Academy Awards honored the talent, technique and contribution of film directors in the film process, but we can not quietly condemn this decision without protesting, "concludes Kees van Ostrum, President of ASC . 

Oscar 2019 | The Rock explains why he declined to be the presenter Last Monday (11), the Academy confirmed that the categories of Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Makeup & Hair and Best Short Film will take place during commercial breaks without being televised. However, it will be possible to watch these awards online, as the Academy will air the entire ceremony - and without cuts - on the official Oscar site. 

This year, the Oscar will have no fixed presenter. After controversy, Kevin Hart gave up commanding the ceremony. The 2019 Academy Awards ceremony will take place on February 24.

Kees van Oostrum 
ASC President