Shooting Star Photographed From Space By NASA Astronaut Ron Garan During Perseid Meteor Shower

Garan's "Shooting Star," as seen from the International Space Station

NASA astronaut Ron Garan, who's currently aboard the International Space Station, wowed his 61,000 followers on Sunday with an incredible picture of a shooting star taken during the Perseid meteor shower.

Discover Magazine's Phil Plait writes that at the time the photograph was taken (7:17 p.m. UT, or 2:17 p.m. EST) the International Space Station was above the border of Mongolia and China. According to Space.com, the ISS was about 220 miles above earth.

Garan has become a prolific space-tweeter since taking off for the ISS from Kazakhstan in April. He sent his first TwitPic in April, asking his followers to identify a landmass. He's recently tweeted pictures of Turks and Caicos, Haiti and New York.